Wednesday, October 31, 2012

theBalm Plump Your Pucker: Cocoa My Coconut

Swatches & Review

I purchased theBalm's Cocoa My Coconut a while ago, but I haven't opened it until recently. After purchasing it, I was debating on whether or not I should keep it since it looks like it might be too "nude" for my lips. theBalm's Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss line is slightly tinted and is supposed to hydrate and make your lips look fuller.
Cocoa My Coconut is described on theBalm's website as a Coco-nutty Nude. Before opening it, I was afraid that there would be a strong coconut scent to it, but it was not bad. It smells like coconut, but not too unbearable. It is kind of like a coconut scent leaning more to a slight scent of hot chocolate & I actually like it.
This shade of this is definitely not too nude, like a sand-ish nude, but it is more of a warm pink nude. This is only slightly tinted and it has a creamy finish so it does not have any glitter/shimmer in it, which I love!

Although these claim to be "plumping" and "hydrating", I did not really feel like my lips looked fuller after using this, and it was drying after about an hour of wearing it. There was a slight tingling effect and cooling sensation on my lips after applying it, but it went away pretty quickly. The tingly feeling of this is not strong like Buxom, so if you do not like how Buxom's are, this may be a good alternative lip gloss for you! I like that this lip gloss was not sticky. It reminds me of Wet N' Wild's Bare it All, but in gloss form. I have used this with Bare it All and it matches with it perfectly. This retails on theBalm's website for $15.

What do you think about theBalm's lip glosses? Have you tried it? Or do you prefer the other makeup they offer?


  1. i havent tried the Balm glosses before but it looks like the color payoff is pretty good!

    1. It's not bad at all! I also have theBalm's Balm Shelter lip gloss, which has SPF in there, but it's still unopened.. lol! I have too much lip glosses to open them all.

  2. I haven't tried their lipglosses out yet but they seem really pretty! The SPF doesn't hurt too! My favorite would have to be the NYX lipglosses, they smell like cherries :D

    XO Amy

    1. I have never tried NYX lip glosses! lol. Does it smell like Carmex cherries?