Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is Tarina Tarantino Getting Discontinued?

This is all up in the air right now for me. I have talked to a SA from Sephora & they have confirmed that the line is being discontinued // I went to check out their page on Sephora today, but many of the Tarina Tarantino's line has been marked down. Since they are a Sephora brand, I would not be surprised if their contract is up, just like Tokidoki leaving Sephora. Yes, some of their items are not marked down, but that was the same with Tokidoki. If anyone can confirm this, it would be wonderful!

The some great deals to get from this line is of course, their cheek palette. I have owned mine since last December and I love it! I do not use it on a daily basis (because I do not bring much makeup with me while I'm in school), but I use it from time to time and the pigmentation of it is amazing! Same goes for their individual blushes.

The original price of the Cheek Palette is $45, which is now $27. That is FORTY PERCENT off! Although it states that the value of the palette is $100, it is actually around $65, but it is still not bad! AND since Christmas is around the corner (not really, but time flies by quickly), these will be great gifts! Do you think you will indulge in this sale?


  1. Replies
    1. 'cause it's such a good deal! Haha. I'm thinking about the eyeshadow palette too!

  2. wow that's cheap for Tarina Tarantino! I used to like her necklaces and hair accessories a lot, I hope she continues?!

    1. I know her own line of accessories, she is continuing. It is only the make-up line from Sephora that is being discontinued.