Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wen Cleansing Conditioner


I got this sample size of Wen Cleansing Conditioner from MyGlam bag. Okay well, I signed up for MyGlam bag in December, I didn't receive my January bag, contacted them for them to tell me I will be receiving one and then getting another e-mail telling me I will not be getting one & getting a refund instead. So, Kaela from Makeuptalk was so generous to offer me her second bag since she got two bags from MyGlam and I received it last Tuesday.
Since receiving the bag, Wen was one of the items I was looking forward to trying so for the past two days, I have used it to test it out since a lot of girls on MyGlam's facebook page was raving about how good their hair felt after one wash. I first tried it yesterday in the shower, and as a leave-in conditioner and I wasn't impressed. I decided to give it another try today since I thought that I should try it more than once before I have an opinion on it. Since the bottle was only 2oz and my hair is super long, I am almost done with the sample sized bottle after my second wash. From what I have tried, I can honestly say that I do not like the cleansing conditioner from Wen.
After using the product, my hair felt really dry. Both times after trying it, my hair was tangled! Also, I decided to use it as a leave-in both times hoping it will feel a lot smoother afterwards, but after today, I really couldn't take how rough my hair felt so I had to go back into the shower and re-wash my hair with the original conditioner I use for my hair. I feel like this product is too hyped up and it really doesn't do what it is meant to do, unless we have to actually have the whole set you order online. A lot of the conditioner was required to be used, considering my hair is so long, while I only need a small dime sized amount from my normal conditioner to make my hair feel smooth. With that said, I will not be purchasing the full set and the full size of this product because it is just not worth it. Maybe it works on some people, but it just doesn't work for me :( ..

What do you guys think of Wen? Own it? Love it? Any opinions? Comment below!

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China Glaze; Electric Beat

Swatches & Review

When I first heard about China Glaze's Electropop collection, Electric Beat was the only color that I was interested in from the whole collection of eleven colors and one glitter top coat. Electric Beat is a dusty blue. It is similar to Zoya's Yummy, but it is a bit lighter and dustier.

Although this was the color I was most excited about, applying it was disappointing. This nail polish was thick and it applied streaky. I was hoping by the 2nd coat that it would be less streaky, but I was wrong. I applied three coats with the third coat being a super thick one so it will even itself out, which is what I usually do with streaky nail polishes. When first applied and wet, the polish on the nail is lighter than the bottle. Once it dries, it gets darker, which is also a bit darker than the shade in the bottle. Since I used a thick third coat for the polish not be streaky on the nail, it took longer to dry, even with the Seche Vite top coat.
Overall, this is a pretty dusty blue color, but I don't think this polish is one of the blue colors I will be going to use a lot considering the application was a total pain. What do you guys think about this polish? Own it? Love it? Have any other color from this collection?

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone! :)

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zoya Kristen

Swatches and Review

Today, I will be reviewing Zoya Kristen from their Winter Feel Collection. I got this color from one of their flash sales back in December so it was free since I was one of the first 100 to get it. Okay well first, I got the first 100 promo, but the code disappeared at checkout for some odd reason, so I stalked the site for the next one and finally got my hands on this one!

When I first received this color, I was amazed at how pretty this color was! I was on the hunt for a nice dusty grey-blue polish and when I purchased Yummy last year, I thought it would be the one and I was so wrong considering it was way brighter! This is the perfect dusty blue color and it matches my skin-tone better than compared to Essie's Borrowed and Blue, which is a pale white-blue. Kristen applied on smoothly and only required two coats. The dry time wasn't bad for this polish either, since I usually have trouble with my other Zoya nail polishes because of their dry time. This is a polish I will definitely think of buying a back-up for.

I put on three coats on OPI DS Sapphire on my ring finger. Originally, I wasn't a big fan of Sapphire since it was so sheer, but I left the bottle open for a bit for it to thicken up and what better accent nail polish is there than a holographic one?

What do you guys think of Zoya's Kristen? Own it? Love it?

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Friday, January 20, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix: Swatches and Review

Remember I posted before about China Glaze's version of magnetic polishes? Well, they have been released and I was so happy to find out that the China Glaze Magnetix has been released! Once I found out, I knew I just had to go get it! Although there are six colors total, I only bought four of them for now considering I need to save some money for school because it is starting next week. I might end up going back to get the last two when I have time to though. Here are the four colors I got:
Left to Right: Attraction, Cling On, Instant Chemistry & Pull Me Close.

This is how the magnet looks like.

For all the reviews, I have my pinky as the individual color itself, my ring finger with the line magnet, my middle finger with the arrow magnet, and my index finger with the star magnet.

Attraction: Is a Gunmetal Grey with shimmer. Out of all the colors, I found this color to take a bit more time for the design to go through from the design, so leave the magnet on top of it for a big longer than others so approx. 20 seconds. I used one coat for this nail polish, but if you want it to be darker, you can apply two coats, or until however you like it.

Cling On: Reminds me of a duckpoop green. Lol, it doesn't sound appealing, but it really isn't a bad color at all. Basically, it's like a silver shimmer duckpoop green. I found Cling On to be on the sheer side, so two coats would be better for this although I only used one. (I was following the instructions so I could just test it out). I found this color to be one of the easiest and fastest one for the design to get on it. I put the magnets on top for about 6 seconds and it was already done!
Instant Chemistry: Is a dark purple, like a deep eggplant purple. This really only required one coat for full coverage. When picturing this color, I found it only looks better with flash and when I didn't use flash, the effects didn't show as much. Normally, I am not a purple nail polish kind of girl, but this purple is really pretty. This again, did not require a lot of time for the design to get on from the magnet, about 10 seconds.

Pull Me Close: This is a metallic blue. Kind of reminds me of Adore from China Glaze, but a bit more silver. In the pictures, this looks similar to Attraction, but you can tell the difference once it's on your nails. This, like Cling On was on the sheer side, but it was really fast for it until the design got onto it, which was about 6 seconds. Not a bad color at all!

Overall, I found these magnet polishes to be very easy to use. The dry time is fast and you only need one coat for Instant Chemistry and Attraction. I found Cling on to be really sheer with one coat, but Cling on and Pull Me Close were the easiest and faster to get the design on from the magnet. I love how there are three designs included in the magnet, and I found the line design to be the easiest one to use, after the star one. The only one I still need to work on using is the arrow one, which I found to make my nail polish wrinkle and fold upward so the nail polish gets kind of goopey. They are all easily my favorites, but if I had to choose, I think I would choose Cling On because the color is pretty unique in my stash and I love greens! OH, I found a good name for this green, it's kind of like camouflage green! lol. Other than that, I think China Glaze's version of magnet polish is just as good as other brands and more affordable. I believe they retail for $8 - $10 depending on where you get them and the price of the magnet ranges from $2 - $5. To make sure you have the design on, watch the magnet while it is on top of your nail and you will see it slowly start creasing and eventually, you will be able to tell when it is done. What do you guys think about this? Own it? Love it?

*All the pictures in this blog post are mine and the nail polishes were purchased by me.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set: 24Karat Edition


This is a limited edition brush set from Tokidoki released for the Holiday's at Sephora. Like Hello Kitty, the Tokidoki makeup line is introduced by Sephora. Also, I am in love with Tokidoki, just like how I really really like Hello Kitty!
When I first saw these brushes as upcoming products, I knew that I had to have it because I have their first Pittura brush set from their permanent line and I absolutely adore those brushes. When this set first launched, it was priced at $42 and by the time I got around to buying this set, it was reduced to $39. I heard mixed reviews about this set before getting it, but after trying it, they are just how I expected them to be. The brushes are soft and pick up the product well. Unlike their first set, these come with charms. Although the charms nay get in the way sometimes, they are removable so you can hang them with your other keychains if you own a Tokidoki bag or use them as keychains on your keys! Recently, the brush price were reduced, again to $24. I did not have the chance to purchase these online with the extra 20%, but I found them in stores for $24 so I purchased a back-up. $24 for a brush set is an amazing deal considering how the powder brush would cost about the same price as the whole set costs now, so it is like paying for the powder brush and you get a eyeshadow brush, a smudge brush and a lip/liner brush as a bonus, OR it comes out to $6 each brush, which in my opinion is totally worth it! These are now sold out online, but if you love Tokidoki or are interested in investing some brushes, call your local Sephora to see if they have this in stock because to me, they are awesome! If you have these, what do you think about them? Like it? Love it? :)

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello Kitty Mon Amour Palette

One thing about me is that I absolutely love Hello Kitty! I am now a college student and I still love Hello Kitty so I guess I just never grew out of that phase. When Sephora first introduced their makeup line with Hello Kitty, I was so excited, but nothing about their products interest me enough to buy it, and well, keep it. Today, I was browsing Sephora's site and I saw yet again, new Hello Kitty products! (I swear, it feels like there are new Hello Kitty designs every few months, or very, very often!). This set, the Mon Amour Palette caught my eye because I really like the concept of where Hello Kitty is holding balloons which are the makeup products itself, absolutely cute & it is $35! Not too bad considering you get 8 eye shadows an 2 blushes, so hopefully the next time I go to Sephora, they have it so I can check it out and it might even be my first purchase from the line! I am a bit skeptical about it because for their previous palettes/eye shadows that I have tried, they were chalky and too sheer for my liking and it seems like this palette may be just that considering their colors are more on the pastel side. What do you guys think? Any thoughts about their product from this line? :)
Picture from (link to product)

*update. Since this post, Sephora has changed the price of this product from $35 to $42.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Urban Decay; 24/7 Eye Liners in Electric

Swatches and Review

For Urban Decay's Winter collection, they came out with two sets of their 24/7 eye liners in Naked and Electric. When I saw the sets, I knew I must get the set in Electric because the set has exclusive colors AND Perversion! I love Perversion since it is the darkest black eyeliner I have ever owned and because I was afraid of running out, I never want to use the one I got from my 15th Anniversary Liner Collection! Since I have a travel sized back-up, I feel a lot better about using it.

Perversion: Is a very deep dark matte black. It is the perfect black eyeliner and you don't need to use a lot of the product for that dark intense look on your eyes! Just a light swipe across your waterline and wherever else you like to put your eyeliner gives the perfect intense color for your eyes. This is my favorite to go to black eye liner, even more than Zero!

Ransom: Is a violet eyeliner with a bit of a blue sheen to it to me. This eyeliner is very popular, but I am just not a fan of this color.

Woodstock: Is a bright pink. I absolutely love this color! Besides buying the set for Perversion, I was also looking forward to this color. This color was exclusive to this set, but from what I know now, Urban Decay is coming out with dual-eyeliners and Woodstock is one of the colors being sold in a dual-liner along with demolition. This color is gorgeous, but the application can be patchy the first time you use it, so it takes about two or three tries until you get a smooth line from Woodstock. Otherwise, it is gorgeous!

Radium: Is a shimmery bright blue which is exclusive to this set. I loved Radium as an eyeshadow from their Book of Shadow's 3 and the eyeliner version does not disappoint. It is extremely pigmented and bright! I think this eyeliner works well with Woodstock together.

Junkie: Is a gold sparkly teal-ish color which is exclusive to this set. The application for this eyeliner was smooth as well and this is another gorgeous color from the set.

Overall, all these eyeliners glide on smoothly and are very pigmented. I love all of them except Ransom because I feel like it is just not a color for me. If anyone is interested in buying a Ransom travel size liner from me, let me know because I have a lot of them & I just don't use them!
With the exception of having some problems with Woodstock, I still love the color and think this set is a great value. It is priced at $32 dollars with each liner being .03oz while the full-size is .04oz and costs $18 individually which makes this a $67.50 value and you get exclusive colors with this set! This set is sold out on, but it is still being sold at as well as some Sephora stores that still have some in stock. What do you guys think of this set? Own it? Love it?

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This is not makeup or nail polish related, but here's my babies! :)

Since break started, I have been able to spend a lot of time with them, not to mention, CLEAN after them! I don't know why, but for the past month, I have just been unmotivated to do much. All I want to do is just lay around and not paint my nails. I guess when school is in session, I feel like I have something to look forward to every week when I come back home because I have no nail polish at all with me the days I am at school so I can focus, but now that I'm home, it's just sitting there and I just feel like sitting with my dogs and watching the TV. I guess this blog post is just basically a little note of what's on my mind and to show you my babies! :) I hope everyone is having a good winter & had a great Christmas and New Years!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Holographic Nail Polish

Swatches and Review

Here are some random swatches of some holographic nail polishes I have and never actually tried.

Thumb: OPI DS Diamond. This is a light purple-ish color with a subtle holographic finish to it. The holographic-ness of this is not strong, but it is still very pretty. This nail polish is similar to Color Club's Fashion Addict, however, it is a bit darker than Fashion Addict. I put on three coats in the picture.
Index Finger: Color Club Love Em, Leave Em. This is a neutral holographic color and I love it! The holographic finish to this is again, not strong, but it is very a appropriate color to wear if you work and are restricted from "popping" colors. When indoors, the effect doesn't show much, but when you're outside, it is absolutely gorgeous! I put on two coats of this in the picture.
Middle Finger: China Glaze LOL. I read many good reviews of LOL and when I bought LOL, the bottle didn't show much holographic looks to it. When it put it on the nail, it still didn't show much when I was indoors so this color looked pretty dull and like a dark purple indoors, but when you go out, that's when the holographic finish shows up more! I am not really a big fan of darker purples, but this nail polish is an exception because it reminds me of grapes when I'm outdoors :) I put on three coats of this in the picture.
Ring Finger: China Glaze TTYL. Out of all the fingers I painted, I absolutely loved TTYL the most! This is pretty much like a neutral peachy color. It is not a very dark peach color and I think it complements my skin tone very well. When I first bought it, I didn't think I would like this as much as I do. The holographic finish to this is very strong and it also appears when I am indoors. I used three coats for this color.
Pinky: China Glaze QT. This is a berry pink color and this is easily my second favorite! It reminds me of raspberries and makes me crave for parfaits! lol. The holographic-ness of this is not very strong, but it is strong enough to see the holographic goodness of this indoors as well! I used three coats for this color.

Overall, I really liked these holographic nail polishes. OPI and China Glaze were both on the thin side, but it wasn't a very big of a problem since you can build up the color and they were not runny or too sheer as well! The Color Club's application was the best one of the bunch because it wasn't too thick, and it wasn't thin so it only needed two coats for full coverage. What do you guys think about holographic nail polishes? Own them? Love them? :)

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

And the winner is..

Emma Thea Hoop!

Thanks everyone for participating on this giveaway! There will be plenty more to come in the near future :) Happy New Years!

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