Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Urban Decay; 24/7 Eye Liners in Electric

Swatches and Review

For Urban Decay's Winter collection, they came out with two sets of their 24/7 eye liners in Naked and Electric. When I saw the sets, I knew I must get the set in Electric because the set has exclusive colors AND Perversion! I love Perversion since it is the darkest black eyeliner I have ever owned and because I was afraid of running out, I never want to use the one I got from my 15th Anniversary Liner Collection! Since I have a travel sized back-up, I feel a lot better about using it.

Perversion: Is a very deep dark matte black. It is the perfect black eyeliner and you don't need to use a lot of the product for that dark intense look on your eyes! Just a light swipe across your waterline and wherever else you like to put your eyeliner gives the perfect intense color for your eyes. This is my favorite to go to black eye liner, even more than Zero!

Ransom: Is a violet eyeliner with a bit of a blue sheen to it to me. This eyeliner is very popular, but I am just not a fan of this color.

Woodstock: Is a bright pink. I absolutely love this color! Besides buying the set for Perversion, I was also looking forward to this color. This color was exclusive to this set, but from what I know now, Urban Decay is coming out with dual-eyeliners and Woodstock is one of the colors being sold in a dual-liner along with demolition. This color is gorgeous, but the application can be patchy the first time you use it, so it takes about two or three tries until you get a smooth line from Woodstock. Otherwise, it is gorgeous!

Radium: Is a shimmery bright blue which is exclusive to this set. I loved Radium as an eyeshadow from their Book of Shadow's 3 and the eyeliner version does not disappoint. It is extremely pigmented and bright! I think this eyeliner works well with Woodstock together.

Junkie: Is a gold sparkly teal-ish color which is exclusive to this set. The application for this eyeliner was smooth as well and this is another gorgeous color from the set.

Overall, all these eyeliners glide on smoothly and are very pigmented. I love all of them except Ransom because I feel like it is just not a color for me. If anyone is interested in buying a Ransom travel size liner from me, let me know because I have a lot of them & I just don't use them!
With the exception of having some problems with Woodstock, I still love the color and think this set is a great value. It is priced at $32 dollars with each liner being .03oz while the full-size is .04oz and costs $18 individually which makes this a $67.50 value and you get exclusive colors with this set! This set is sold out on, but it is still being sold at as well as some Sephora stores that still have some in stock. What do you guys think of this set? Own it? Love it?


  1. I reallllly want to try Junkie, but don't know if I could buy the whole set just for one pencil!

  2. @Emma Do you have the other colors from UD? I think if you want it, you should get it if you like their eyeliners because they're so creamy and smooth! & even if there are colors you don't like, you can always wrap them up as presents & they make great stocking stuffers (although Christmas just ended) lol.

  3. oohh the purple one looks lovely!

  4. No, I don't have anything from UD *gasp* that's why I'm so hesitant about buying it, but I do love me some creamy, smooth, colorful eyeliner! It doesn't smudge or migrate?

  5. @Lydz The purple one is nice, but it just isn't a color for me. lol. I had a super mini one and I tried it before & it looks a bit off on me!

    @Emma I use mine with their primer potion, it sometimes smudges, but some people don't experience smudging at all! It withstands my crying when I do & it stays put without migrating elsewhere and it does not give me black tears! lol

  6. @Emma Oh & since you don't have anything from UD, I think this is a good set to start with to try it out because it's $32 for 5 travel sized pencils which is worth $13.50 each pencil! If you're worried about not liking it, you can always order from UD, they have a love it or leave it guarantee so if the product does not live up to your standards, you can always ship it back to Urban Decay and get a refund for them!

  7. I love these eyeliners , they are my fav xoxox ..