Monday, January 2, 2012

Holographic Nail Polish

Swatches and Review

Here are some random swatches of some holographic nail polishes I have and never actually tried.

Thumb: OPI DS Diamond. This is a light purple-ish color with a subtle holographic finish to it. The holographic-ness of this is not strong, but it is still very pretty. This nail polish is similar to Color Club's Fashion Addict, however, it is a bit darker than Fashion Addict. I put on three coats in the picture.
Index Finger: Color Club Love Em, Leave Em. This is a neutral holographic color and I love it! The holographic finish to this is again, not strong, but it is very a appropriate color to wear if you work and are restricted from "popping" colors. When indoors, the effect doesn't show much, but when you're outside, it is absolutely gorgeous! I put on two coats of this in the picture.
Middle Finger: China Glaze LOL. I read many good reviews of LOL and when I bought LOL, the bottle didn't show much holographic looks to it. When it put it on the nail, it still didn't show much when I was indoors so this color looked pretty dull and like a dark purple indoors, but when you go out, that's when the holographic finish shows up more! I am not really a big fan of darker purples, but this nail polish is an exception because it reminds me of grapes when I'm outdoors :) I put on three coats of this in the picture.
Ring Finger: China Glaze TTYL. Out of all the fingers I painted, I absolutely loved TTYL the most! This is pretty much like a neutral peachy color. It is not a very dark peach color and I think it complements my skin tone very well. When I first bought it, I didn't think I would like this as much as I do. The holographic finish to this is very strong and it also appears when I am indoors. I used three coats for this color.
Pinky: China Glaze QT. This is a berry pink color and this is easily my second favorite! It reminds me of raspberries and makes me crave for parfaits! lol. The holographic-ness of this is not very strong, but it is strong enough to see the holographic goodness of this indoors as well! I used three coats for this color.

Overall, I really liked these holographic nail polishes. OPI and China Glaze were both on the thin side, but it wasn't a very big of a problem since you can build up the color and they were not runny or too sheer as well! The Color Club's application was the best one of the bunch because it wasn't too thick, and it wasn't thin so it only needed two coats for full coverage. What do you guys think about holographic nail polishes? Own them? Love them? :)

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