Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick: 107

Swatches & Review

Since purchasing Rimmel London's Kate Moss lipsticks a few months ago when they had their 50% off sale, I only tried two since I have been trying to use up some lipsticks I already have before opening new ones. I have always wanted to try 107, but it seems like it is more of a Fall shade, which is why I decided to try it now as the end of summer is nearing.

107 is a berry red shade in the tube.

The lipstick is packaged in a plastic semi-matte red tube. The red tube is from the Kate Moss line of Matte finish lipsticks and I like how the package is semi-matte because it does not attract fingerprints so I don't have to whip out the microfiber cloth after using :P

Swatched on the lips, it definitely looks similar to the color straight from the tube. It is a gorgeous berry red and this glided on the lips very smooth. This was super pigmented so I used one swipe from the tube. I did not use any lip liners to see if it bleeds or feathers and it did not, which is good since dark and bright shades usually bleed/feather around my lips. This lasted on me for about four hours with minimal eating and drinking before I had to reapply it. The downside to this is like 109. Although it claims to be matte, it is not very matte. It seems more like a semi-matte finish, which is more matte than their black tube lipsticks, which has a bit of shine to it. Because it is not really matte, it was not very drying on the lips. Another downside to this is the scent. Like 109 and the Show Off/Apocalips Lip Lacquers, they smell just like Asian dried plums, while the black tubes have a sweeter scent, but the scent does not linger around the lips after applying.

Overall, this is a nice berry red lipstick for fall and the holiday season & the price is not too bad (about $5.99 depending on location and store). I wish there were names of the lipsticks instead of just numbers, but I think after a while, the numbers aren't too bad to remember. Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks can be found at some drugstores, and Target/Walmart.

What do you think about Rimmel London's Kate Moss lipstick line? Do you prefer the red tubes, or the black tubes? (I wish they had the pink tubes in the US).

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipcolor: Plum-Setter

Swatches & Review

Maybelline's Plum-Setter Color Whisper is part of their new limited edition display of lip colors. Maybelline describes their Color Whisper line as weightless gel, so it is supposed to be very lightweight on the lips.

Like all of Maybelline's line of Color Whispers, they are packaged in a plastic tube with its color being similar to the color of the lip color itself.

Plum-Setter looks like a dark vampy purple with sparkles in it from the tube.

For the first lip picture, I took it in direct sunlight. The other two were taken indoor, with the middle one being in front of the window.

Swatched, it is a very sheer plum color. For the arm swatch, I used one swipe, but for the lips, I used two swipes in order for the color to show. In the arm swatch, you can not see the glitters much, but if you enlarge the picture, you can see the glitter on my lips.

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with Plum-Setter because I expected it to be a bit more pigmented, especially since it looks like such a dark shade from the tube & it applied unevenly on the lips. I understand that their Color Whisper formula is supposed to be very moisturizing and not have as much pigmentation, but I have tried a few from their permanent line that are a bit more pigmented than this is. When I think about this, I feel like I am using Baby Lips, which I would definitely choose over this limited edition color because it is half the price, is more moisturizing if you are looking for an item that moisturizes the lips & the slight tint is basically what this similar to. If you are not looking for much pigmentation & want something moisturizing and lightweight, this might be for you, but it is definitely not for me since I would rather pick Baby Lips (for moisture) or Revlon's Lip Butters (for pigmentation) over this. Skip!

What do you think about Maybelline's Color Whispers? Have you tried their limited edition colors?

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Zoya Fall PixieDust

Swatches & Review

We're still in the middle of Summer & Fall collections are out already? Yes, this is how it normally is, but this just reminds me that Fall semester for school is coming closer and closer. Anyway, Zoya always has amazing Fall collections and this year, they decided to also make a PixieDust collection for Fall. The new Fall PixieDust collection has been provided for me free to review from Zoya, and just when I thought I was over the textured nail polish craze, some of the new colors have got me hooked again!

Like the previous two PixieDust collections, the Fall set also comes with six shades. Although some of the shades look similar than ones from past seasons, they actually aren't exactly the same.

Tomoko: Champagne nude with a silver glitter. This shade is very soft looking & is super sparkly when it is out in the sunlight. This was a bit on the sheer side so I used three coats for swatches.

Chita: Forest green with light green glitter. Chita was very pigmented and it can definitely be a one coater, but I used two for swatches. To me, Chita was very thick so it is best wait a bit longer to add on the second coat if you plan to do so or it will drag a bit on the nails. This stained my nails so I would recommend using a base coat with it.

Sunshine: Denim navy blue. Sunshine was also very pigmented and this was easier to apply than Chita. I used two coats for swatches and to my surprise, it did not stain (since blues normally stain on me).

Carter: Royal purple. The first coat applied very sheer & uneven, which is not what I expected from this since I have never had a PixieDust apply sheer on me for the first coat like this one has before (picture below).

With one coat, it looked like it had a black jelly base with a bunch of glitter packed together, like a confetti. Indoor, it looked a bit darker, but outdoor, it was lighter. With the first coat, you were able to see all the glitters clearly.

Since the first coat applied sheer, I thought that I would need more layers, but by the second coat, it looked just like how it does in the bottle, so I used two coats for the swatches. This was a surprise favorite for me because like I have said before, I am not a big fan of purple, but this was absolutely amazing on the nails. It is like a blackened purple with lavender, magenta & silver glitter. The color kind of shifts in different angles, and it was just gorgeous! Removing this was a bit harder because the glitter gets everywhere around the nail & I assume it might be because this has more glitter than the other ones do.

Here's an upclose picture of Carter to show you the multi-glitters in it. Doesn't it look super pretty?

Arabella: Zoya describes this as a rich fuchsia, but to me, it looks more raspberry. This was very pigmented & I used two coats for swatches. Out of the whole collection, this was the only color I did not like because it did not look to well with my skintone.

Dhara: Juicy bright orange. This looks like a nice shade to transition into fall because the orange of this reminds me of pumpkins. This was also super pigmented & I used two coats for the swatches.

I liked most of the colors in this collection. If I were to choose a few, I would choose Carter, Dhara & Tomoko because they were three of the most sparkly ones that looked amazing in different lighting. The feeling of these are exactly the same as the ones that Zoya previously came out with, which is textured/gritty when it dries, but if you want it softer, you can run it under water a few times after it is completely dry and the gritty texture ends up being more of a sugary texture feeling instead of a hard gritty feeling. These are also easy to remove like the previous PixieDusts as long as you hold the cotton ball with remover on top of the nail for about a minute before wiping it off.

These are available for purchase on now, and they retail for $9 per 0.5oz bottle.

What do you think about the new PixieDust collection? Do you still love the textured finish nail polishes? What fall collection are you most excited for?

**The products in this post were provided to me for my honest opinion/review. I was not paid nor compensated for the review.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze: A Regular at the Factory

Swatches & Review

The latest drugstore craze has been over Wet n Wild's new Pop Art Craze Collection, which consists of six eyeshadow trios. For the past week, I have been searching high and low for the new palettes & I was finally able to find the three that I wanted yesterday. The one I wanted the most was A Regular at the Factory, which is what I will be reviewing first.

A Regular at the Factory consists a sheer shimmery yellow, a bright medium blue, and a bright orange.

All were applied over Too Faced Cosmetics Shadow Insurance
Browbone: Shimmery yellow. This color is super sheer so it took about five layers for this to actually show up a bit for me. In the pan, it looks like it would be a lot more yellow, but it comes off more as just shimmer. This one was super chalky and even with just two layers of it, not much showed up, not even much of the shimmer, so it was a bit disappointing.
Crease: Bright medium blue. This blue had a slight sheen to it, but it was incredibly pigmented & applied the best. I only had to use one layer of this for swatches. Since it is smooth, there is a bit of fallout with this.
Eyelid: Bright orange. The orange also had a slight sheen to it, but it was more on the matte side. This was also pigmented, but it was a tiny bit chalky.

Overall, I liked two out of the three shades in this palette. I was hoping the yellow would actually show a bit more, but with the yellow being super sheer, it would work well together with the other two shades in the palette. I think that for the price, these are worth checking out if you are experimenting with bright colors, but if you have a big collection, you might be able to find similar colors in your collection, which isn't worth searching everywhere for these. This retails for $2.99 at most locations, but I purchased mine for $3.49 at Walgreens (Walgreens here in the Bay Area always marks everything more than it's supposed to retail).

If you are interested in these, nouveaucheap (link) has a sighting map for these.

What do you think about the new limited edition Wet n Wild eyeshadow trios? Have you purchased any?

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Precision Nail Lacquer: Honey Dew This & My Little Peony

Swatches & Review

I have heard about Precision Nail Lacquer, but I never actually tried it so when they had their Parking Lot sale over a week ago at their warehouse location, that was pretty much my first stop to start my vacation in Southern California. Precision Nail Lacquer is a family owned business and they have a bunch of nail colors and nail treatments. With so many colors they had to offer, my boyfriend bought me 18 of their shades to try out. The first two colors I tried were Honey Dew This and My Little Peony.

Honey Dew This is a medium green with a cream finish, and My Little Peony is a reddish-pink with a neon cream finish.

For my swatches, I applied three coats of Honey Dew This and two coats of My Little Peony.
Honey Dew This applied sheer and after three coats, my nail line was still kind of visible when it is in sunlight. It reminded me of a jelly finish so I think this is more of a medium green jelly cream. This dried super glossy.
My Little Peony was super pigmented! I was surprised with this shade because I thought it would apply sheer first since that is how most neons are, but I definitely could have gotten away with using one coat for this. What I noticed about this shade is that even though it comes off pink when applying, it dries into a red-pink instead of a hot pink. Since it is neon, it dries into a semi-matte, vinyl-like finish.

These wore on my nails for about four days with little tip wear, and the part I liked most about these were that they did not stain! I have not found a neon OR pink/red shade that does not stain on me so I was expecting My Little Peony to stain, but it was so easy to remove, I was amazed. I still have a bunch of their nail polishes to try & I'm excited because I really liked the two shades from this post.

Precision Nail Lacquers retail for $5.95 and can be purchased on their website

What do you think about these two shades from Precision? Have you tried any of their products before?

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Foundation Stick: 230

Swatches & Review

Since I heard that Maybelline came out with new stick foundations, I have been curious about it because I have never tried stick foundations before. I was able to find some at my local CVS yesterday so I purchased it & immediately had to try it. I purchased the foundation in the shades: 220 Natural Beige, and 230 Natural Buff. For the past two days, I have used 230 because it seems to fit me a bit more for summer.

The Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation stick is packaged in a plastic black tube with a clear cap.

The outer shade is supposed to be a gel-like formula for the foundation color, while the center of it should be an anti-shine gel.

The left side is me without any makeup, and the right is with Maybelline's Fit Me foundation stick.
As you can tell, without makeup or anything, I have acne scars and redness around my cheeks (I never actually had those problems until the last year and a half) so I have been looking for foundations to even my skintone without making me look cakey. With the foundation, the redness is pretty much covered up, and it covers the slight acne scars, but you are still able to see some of the bigger acne scars. The coverage of the stick foundation is light to medium, but it is definitely not full coverage. This foundation does not contain SPF, so it is important to use sunblock along with this foundation.

What I like about this foundation is that it does not really have a very strong scent. The foundation applied lightly and it does not make the skin feel heavy at all. It actually dried into a semi-matte finish, so I did not look very shiny and it did not feel greasy like how liquid foundations sometimes make me feel after applying. It was easy to blend with both hands and brush. The only downside to it was that I did not like that it makes the dry patches on my face a lot more noticeable. I found that it stayed on pretty well throughout the day until I removed it, but after about four hours, my face was a bit shiny so I had to blot it down a bit.

Overall, I think that this foundation is worth a try because it is convenient to take on the go. When you twist the foundation all the way up, the amount of foundation looks like it is very little, but since it is like a gel, a little goes a long way so I think it would last like a normal bottle of foundation would, but in a stick form.

The Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Foundation Stick retails for $6.99 at Target & Walmart (Online & In-Stores) & drugstores (Rite-Aid, Walgreens, &CVS) for $8.99 - $9.99.

What do you think about stick foundations? Are you thinking about trying Maybelline's Stick Foundation?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

NARS Voulez Vous Eye & Cheek Palette

Swatches & Review

A bit over a week ago, I posted about the NARS Voulez-Vous palette & yesterday was the day that Nordstrom cardholders were able to purchase items from their anniversary sale. After seeing the palette & debating on it, I decided that I wanted it since I found it to be a good value. My boyfriend waited in front of Nordstrom for it to open yesterday & bought me the palette yesterday since I was not able to go. This palette has a long name, which is Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir? & it has two almost full-size blushes and four eyeshadows.

Like all NARS products, it is packaged in a sleek black rubber-feeling packaging.

The blushes are on the sides and the four eyeshadows are in the middle.
The colors of each color are typed on this picture. I thought it was a pain to figure out which eyeshadow was which because NOTHING on the packaging told me what the names of the colors were.

All of the eyeshadows have been swatched over NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.
Deep Throat: Sheer peach with slight golden shimmer. This reminded me of Orgasm, but it was A LOT better. This had a lot less of the golden shimmer & looks like a nice natural flush on the cheeks. I have had this shade before so I knew what to expect, but I found that the one in the palette applied a bit more sheer than the ones individually.
Molokai: Shimmery nude champagne. This is a shade that is shown a lot in palettes from many brands. This applied smoothly and it was pigmented.
Antananarivo: Warm matte soft brown. This color was smooth, but it took quite a few swipes to show up on my skin when being swatched.
LHASA: Smokey taupe. This was very smooth and pigmented.
Ragoun: Brown with slight glitter. Although this had glitter, it was almost like a matte, but with glitter. I did not like this shade because it was very stiff in the pan & it applied very patchy with both a sponge applicator and brush. The glitter is very subtle.
Dolce Vita: Matte dusty rose. Although it is "matte", it has a slight silver sheen to it, but it's not noticeable until you look very closely. I love this blush! This looks like it would be a perfect blush to transition into fall. This was super pigmented & I would definitely recommend applying with a light-hand with this.

These are up-close shots of each shade. Deep Throat is blurred to show the golden shimmer from the blush.

Overall, I like this palette and I think it is a good deal, but I do not think this is a palette where you would actually need it. The colors of the eyeshadows are all neutrals, so if you have a lot of neutrals, this may look like a lot of the other neutrals in your collection. If you already have one or both of the blushes, I don't think this would be worth it unless you actually use a lot of the shade that is also in the palette. I found the quality of Deep Throat from the palette to not be as good as the blush that is packaged individually. If you have the cheek palettes from NARS, the size of this is smaller than them. The main reason why I bought this was because I wanted both the blushes and they are almost full-sized because a full-sized NARS blush is 0.16 oz & retails for $29, while the ones in this palette are each 0.15 oz & the whole palette is $59. Also, it was because it did not include Orgasm OR Laguna because I was getting tired of seeing them in every set/palette they come out with.

The Voulez-Vous palette retails for $59 and is now available for Nordstrom cardholders both online & in-stores. If you are interested in this palette & do not have a Nordstrom card, this will be available to the public on July 19.

What do you think about this palette? Are you thinking about getting it? What blushes would you like to see next from NARS?

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Too Faced La Creme Lip Cream: Loganberry

Swatches & Review

I have always wanted to try Too Faced's La Creme lip color, but I never had the chance to get it. When I found a good deal on it, I was able to purchase two of them to try. Loganberry is described as a berry pink from Too Faced.

The lipstick is packaged in a metallic golden tube, however, it is not a super-shiny finish to the packaging, which means that it does not attract fingerprints. It's taller than most lipsticks, but feel a bit slimmer at the same time.

Although Loganberry is described as a berry pink, I thought that it looked more like a berry red-pink, with the red being more visible when swatched & worn. Usually, I feel like berry colors are more for the fall & winter season, but Too Faced came out with their berry line for Spring & I can definitely see why. This berry shade feels like it can be worn year round! For my swatches, I used one swipe and it was super pigmented! It was very soft and lightweight, which made it feel comfortable on the lips. The downside to these are that because they are very lightweight, they wear off easily. When eating, I find that I would have to reapply right after because there would be nothing left by the time I was done. When worn without eating, it lasts about 3 hours before it fades away, so these are not long-wearing at all. I also found that these need to be applied carefully with not too much pressure because they are really soft, or else, it would break apart easily.

Overall, I like the color and I love how it feels very light on the lips, but because it is very soft and wears off easily, I kind of have mixed feelings about these. You would use a lot more product from all the re-applying you would have to do with these & it isn't always convenient considering they would melt easily if you were to carry these around out. I would get these if I find deals on these, but I probably would not pay full-priced out of pocket for these. The Too Faced La Creme Lip Cream's retail for $21 and can be purchased on, Sephora (Online & In-store) & Ulta (Online & In-store).

What do you think about Too Faced's La Creme Lip Cream? Have you tried any? Which are your favorites?

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