Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipcolor: Plum-Setter

Swatches & Review

Maybelline's Plum-Setter Color Whisper is part of their new limited edition display of lip colors. Maybelline describes their Color Whisper line as weightless gel, so it is supposed to be very lightweight on the lips.

Like all of Maybelline's line of Color Whispers, they are packaged in a plastic tube with its color being similar to the color of the lip color itself.

Plum-Setter looks like a dark vampy purple with sparkles in it from the tube.

For the first lip picture, I took it in direct sunlight. The other two were taken indoor, with the middle one being in front of the window.

Swatched, it is a very sheer plum color. For the arm swatch, I used one swipe, but for the lips, I used two swipes in order for the color to show. In the arm swatch, you can not see the glitters much, but if you enlarge the picture, you can see the glitter on my lips.

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with Plum-Setter because I expected it to be a bit more pigmented, especially since it looks like such a dark shade from the tube & it applied unevenly on the lips. I understand that their Color Whisper formula is supposed to be very moisturizing and not have as much pigmentation, but I have tried a few from their permanent line that are a bit more pigmented than this is. When I think about this, I feel like I am using Baby Lips, which I would definitely choose over this limited edition color because it is half the price, is more moisturizing if you are looking for an item that moisturizes the lips & the slight tint is basically what this similar to. If you are not looking for much pigmentation & want something moisturizing and lightweight, this might be for you, but it is definitely not for me since I would rather pick Baby Lips (for moisture) or Revlon's Lip Butters (for pigmentation) over this. Skip!

What do you think about Maybelline's Color Whispers? Have you tried their limited edition colors?

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