Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dusty Pinks

I always find myself buying a lot of dusty pink colors because I think dusty pinks look good with pretty much anything, but that can just be my opinion. So today, I decided to do some swatches on a few "dusty" pink colors I have.

On my pinky, I have Zoya Penelope.
On my ring finger, I have OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
On my middle finger, I have OPI Java Mauve-a
On my pointer finger, I have China Glaze Fifth Avenue
& On my thumb, I have China Glaze Sweet Cream

All of them are creme, but Gouda Gouda Two Shoes has a subtle shimmer to it. When comparing them, the two China Glaze's look like they really stand out because they are a lot brighter. When I wear them alone, they seem a bit more dustier, but that might be because there is not anything right next to it that is even dustier. The Zoya and OPI's seem very similar, but there are difference to them.
Zoya Penelope is similar to OPI Java Mauve-a, but Penelope is a lighter and brighter shade. Both the OPI's are very similar and the main difference is that Gouda Gouda Two Shoes has shimmer in it. China Glaze Fifth Avenue is dustier than China Glaze Sweet Cream, and Sweet Cream is definitely brighter. I also have a full review on China Glaze's Sweet Cream from a few months ago too :)
Overall, I really like all of these colors. Almost all of them were easy to apply, but China Glaze's Fifth Avenue is on the thicker side, which took longer to dry and you had to be careful on how much polish you have on the brush or it can come off goopey looking on the nail. I used one coat of Zoya Penelope, and two coats for the rest. What do you guys think of dusty pinks? Like it? Dislike it? Let me know! :)

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleek; Blush by 3

Okay, I so heard about Sleek coming out with new blush palettes that are limited edition so I have been waiting a bit over a month for them to make it online so I can purchase it, since I am in the US. A few sellers have been already selling them on eBay for about $25 per palette. However, I have been checking the Sleek site almost daily because I love blush palettes and I have never tried Sleek before and I am happy to say, Sleek's Blush by 3 is out on their website now! They are $15.99 for each palette. There are supposed to be 5 different palettes, but as of now, they are only showing as 4 in Lace, Flame, Pumpkin and Sugar. I went and ordered the three I have been eying on so I will blog it once I receive it! & I assume they are having an overwhelming amount of orders considering they just recently had a weekend sale where shipping is half off. The only downside is shipping, which is $10, but if you order more than 1 palette like I did, it makes each palette come out to about $20, which is still cheaper than buying one on eBay and paying additional postage for it, so if you have been wanting Sleek's blush palette, I think you should get it, now! :D
Image from Sleekmakeup

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Layla Coral Glam Update

So there was sun out the past three days so I decided to take advantage of capturing the holographic finish in the sunlight. It looks amazing, right? I took the after one day of wearing it and there was slight wear, but no chips on the second day. However, the day after I took this picture, major chipping of the polish started happening! I am pretty disappointed, but I guess it is expected since holographic finish polishes usually chip easier and faster, just like my China Glaze OMG's. Does knowing it chips fast change your mind about the polish, or do you think the payoff of the color is still worth it?

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Layla Coral Glam

Swatches & Review

Since I swatched Retro Pink yesterday, I decided I should review Coral Glam today. Like Retro Pink, Coral Glam is from Layla's Hologram Effect collection. Out of the 8, I have four of them, so this is the second one I have.
Coral Glam isn't really much of a coral color since when I think coral, I think orange-red. It is more of a nude-ish peach color and it is gorgeous! It seems similar to Color Club's Love em' Leave em' and China Glaze's TTYL, but Coral Glam does not look as smooth as TTYL does, and is less peachy.
Overall, I really like this color. The color is perfect for me since I like light peachy colors on my nails, and the added plus is that it gives a holographic finish. Coral Glam also dries less matte than Retro Pink did.
What I did not like about this polish was that it required more coats than Retro Pink. My swatches for Coral Glam is pictured with four coats. If I keep using so many coats, I imagine myself running out very quickly since these Layla polishes are only 10mL compared to the normal 15mL OPI/China Glaze/Zoya nail polishes. The dry time for Coral Glam also took longer than Retro Pink, but I guess it might be because it does not dry as matte as Retro Pink. Another thing I did not like is that there were some balding while applying Coral Glam, which is a problem I did not have with Retro Pink.
Although it was a pain to apply it, I feel that it is worth it because I am really enjoying looking at the color on my nails! What do you guys think about this? Love it? Hate it? Let me know! :)

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Sephora V.I.B. Bonus

I just received an e-mail from Sephora that states that with a online purchase that is over $25, you are eligible for their special promotion if you are a VIB. The code is VIBFINISH and it consists of deluxe sized Mascara, Pretty Amazing Lip Color & their Mineral Veil! If you are a fan of BE, I guess it's time to make a purchase now! :)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Layla Retro Pink (Video)

Full review is below this post :)

I decided to record a video so it will be easier to see the holographic finish of the polish. I hope it does! :)

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Layla Retro Pink

Swatches & Review

So today, I have swatches for Layla's Retro Pink. Retro Pink is in their Hologram Effect collection, which consists of 8 holographic finish polishes.
Retro Pink is a rose-y pink color. I do not own anything like this so I do not really have anything to compare it to.
My swatches show three coats of the polish. This polish was not watery, but it was very thin so I applied three coats for best results. What I noticed is you have to give all the Layla holographic polishes a good shake before using it because when I didn't, the polish on the brush came out pretty patchy. It's weird because it is thick in the bottle, but that thickness does not translate onto the nails. This polish dried extremely fast, it dried within 3 minutes of each coat a put on and it dries in a semi-matte finish. It sounds weird, but it does not look bad at all. It is semi-matte, but the holographic-ness gives it a shine.. get it? The holographic effect is strong, so even when you are in a dim-lighted room, you will be able to see the holographic effect of it. I hope you guys are able to see the hologram effect of this since I was having a hard time to get a good picture of it (it is pouring in the bay area right now).
Overall, I like this polish, but I don't love it. Like my previous posts stated, I'm not really a fan of pink. I decided to get this instead of Ocean's Rush because Ocean's Rush seems very similar to China Glaze's DV8, which I own and because I do not own any rose-y pink holographic finish polishes and since I am a big fan of holographic polishes, this is a nice addition to have.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have never actually posted a haul post on this blog so this will be my first. This is my nail polish haul and they were all purchased within the past two weeks. :)
From left to right: OPI: Wooden Shoe Like to Know. Orly: You're Blushing, Faint of Heart & Nite Owl. Revlon: Whimsical.

Layla: Coral Glam, Retro Pink, Flash Black & Mermaid Spell

Flash Black: Look at the holographic-ness of it!

Out of everything, I was most excited for the Layla's. The Layla's are the first nail polish I have ever spent so much on. They retail for $15.50 each, but I'm a sucker for holographics and I did not want to miss out on these. They are currently on and I believe there is a 20% off coupon for it so it brings the price from $15.50 each to about $12.60 each! Anyway, swatches to come soon for some! :)
Coupon code for AveYou: ALLCHIC

Anyway, is there any specific nail polishes that you just love? Any finishes, such as holographic, mattes, shatter, etc. Let me know! :)

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zoya; Bevin

Swatches & Review

Zoya Bevin is from their Spring 2012 True collection. Out of all the colors in the collection, this was the only one I really wanted because it is green! I'm a sucker for any kind of green polishes, especially when it is a dusty green.
Bevin is a dusty grey-green. It reminds me of OPI's Mermaid's Tears from their POTC collection, but Bevin is a bit darker, while Mermaid's Tears a brighter.
Overall, I really like this nail polish. The color is the perfect dusty green color and the application was perfect. The consistency was just right, not too thick and not too watery. Bevin can easily be used as a one-coater if you apply it thickly. It was not streaky at all, which is always a plus to me! I applied two coats for my pinky and ring finger because I used a really thin first coat, but I only used one coat for the rest of my fingers. I also like the brush on Zoya polishes because I find that it spreads out perfectly for application. I see myself wearing this polish a lot. Usually, when I like a Zoya polish, I would keep going back to wearing it. When I don't like a Zoya polish, I will never go back to it, so it is always a hit or miss for me. Anyway, what do you guys think of this Zoya polish? Their Spring collection? Own it? Love it? Let me know! :)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Facts

About Me

So, I'm pretty sure no one really knows much about me, so I decided I will just post a few random facts about me. It might be interesting to you, it might not be, but it is just for the fun of it :)
1) I drink about 8 cups of water a day.
2) I am obsessed with flossing my teeth.
3) I have two dogs. One is named Brownie, and one is named Coffee.
4) I like to do random things in public (such as skipping down a hill and singing Yankee Doodle), just so some strangers can get a good laugh out of it (and I'm pretty sure I may not see them again).
5) I have more makeup than I will ever need.
6) I do not like bacon.
7) I love chicken wings and ribs.
8) I normally get about 8+ hours of sleep per night.
9) I am insecure about my lips and when I talk because my lips are not straight.
10) My left hand is slightly bigger than my right hand, so my nails on my left hand are smaller than my right hand, but my nails on my right side are a lot slimmer. (Which is why I usually photograph my left hand).
11) I love going out in the rain with a t-shirt on just to step on puddles.
12) I am allergic to the sun/heat. When I'm in the sun for too long, I start breaking out in hives.
13) I can not stand knowing my room is not vacuumed every other day, because I am allergic to dust.
14) I like going to the beach.
15) It makes me happy when I see new followers on my blog (I'm sure that's everyone though :D )

Is there anything about you that you would like to share? I would love to know! :)

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

MAC Hot 'N' Saucy Tendertone

Swatches & Review

My MAC collection is very limited, especially since the only items I own from MAC are lipsticks. When I first heard of their tendertones in their Shop Mac, Cook Mac Collection, I just had to see what all the talk was about. After seeing that the tendertones were sold out quickly online, I headed to my local MAC counter to get one to try myself! I purchased the Hot 'N' Saucy tendertone, which is a sheer red. I was lucky enough to grab the last one too! There were also three other colors, but I liked the red one the most.
Overall, I really like how they feel on my lips. They are smooth and non-sticky. Although it is $15 for basically a tinted lip balm, I definitely do not regret my purchase because I absolutely love it! And I love the smell of it because it smells like....
Image found via Google Images
YES, those OUCH bandaid gums that reminds me so much of my childhood! The only complaint I have is the packaging because it is inconvenient for me to just pull it out my purse and dab my finger in it to apply it. I wish it came in a squeeze tube so it would be easier to apply, but I can deal with it. Oh, & it has SPF12, which is like a bonus for me :) What do you guys think? Own it? Love it? & any recommendations for me to try more MAC products? Let me know!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Claire's Candy Shop

Swatches & Review

This is Claire's Candy Shop. When I first heard of a "dupe" for Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop, I just had to go get it to try it for myself since I can not bring myself to spend $18 on one bottle of polish yet, considering I still have to pay for books and tuition for school. Anyway, Claire's basically kept the name that was originally DL. I do not own the original DL Candy Shop, but from swatches that I have seen, Claire's is a darker pink and Claire's has more bigger glitter. Although this is not 100% like DL's nail polish, I still love it. It is so girly and cute!
Since this is a glitter, it is expected to be chunky and gritty. I used two thick Seche Vite top coats and it felt a lot smoother on the nails.
Overall, I recommend this nail polish if you love glitter nail polishes! I used three coat in my swatches. Since the pink is sheer, I like how you see the glitter from the previous coats over a light pink polish. This was purchased for $5. Own it? Love it?

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