Saturday, March 3, 2012

MAC Hot 'N' Saucy Tendertone

Swatches & Review

My MAC collection is very limited, especially since the only items I own from MAC are lipsticks. When I first heard of their tendertones in their Shop Mac, Cook Mac Collection, I just had to see what all the talk was about. After seeing that the tendertones were sold out quickly online, I headed to my local MAC counter to get one to try myself! I purchased the Hot 'N' Saucy tendertone, which is a sheer red. I was lucky enough to grab the last one too! There were also three other colors, but I liked the red one the most.
Overall, I really like how they feel on my lips. They are smooth and non-sticky. Although it is $15 for basically a tinted lip balm, I definitely do not regret my purchase because I absolutely love it! And I love the smell of it because it smells like....
Image found via Google Images
YES, those OUCH bandaid gums that reminds me so much of my childhood! The only complaint I have is the packaging because it is inconvenient for me to just pull it out my purse and dab my finger in it to apply it. I wish it came in a squeeze tube so it would be easier to apply, but I can deal with it. Oh, & it has SPF12, which is like a bonus for me :) What do you guys think? Own it? Love it? & any recommendations for me to try more MAC products? Let me know!

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