Thursday, March 1, 2012

Claire's Candy Shop

Swatches & Review

This is Claire's Candy Shop. When I first heard of a "dupe" for Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop, I just had to go get it to try it for myself since I can not bring myself to spend $18 on one bottle of polish yet, considering I still have to pay for books and tuition for school. Anyway, Claire's basically kept the name that was originally DL. I do not own the original DL Candy Shop, but from swatches that I have seen, Claire's is a darker pink and Claire's has more bigger glitter. Although this is not 100% like DL's nail polish, I still love it. It is so girly and cute!
Since this is a glitter, it is expected to be chunky and gritty. I used two thick Seche Vite top coats and it felt a lot smoother on the nails.
Overall, I recommend this nail polish if you love glitter nail polishes! I used three coat in my swatches. Since the pink is sheer, I like how you see the glitter from the previous coats over a light pink polish. This was purchased for $5. Own it? Love it?


  1. I'm so jealous! I totally want this color but haven't made time to go out and get it. It's weird cuz I usually don't like pink but with all the glitter it's just cute!

    1. I'm just the same! I don't like pink too much, but this with the glitter is just so cute :) Even though I could probably just use a sheer pink and OPI's Rainbow Connection and make a jelly sandwich, this for $5 is not bad :)