Saturday, March 17, 2012

Layla Coral Glam

Swatches & Review

Since I swatched Retro Pink yesterday, I decided I should review Coral Glam today. Like Retro Pink, Coral Glam is from Layla's Hologram Effect collection. Out of the 8, I have four of them, so this is the second one I have.
Coral Glam isn't really much of a coral color since when I think coral, I think orange-red. It is more of a nude-ish peach color and it is gorgeous! It seems similar to Color Club's Love em' Leave em' and China Glaze's TTYL, but Coral Glam does not look as smooth as TTYL does, and is less peachy.
Overall, I really like this color. The color is perfect for me since I like light peachy colors on my nails, and the added plus is that it gives a holographic finish. Coral Glam also dries less matte than Retro Pink did.
What I did not like about this polish was that it required more coats than Retro Pink. My swatches for Coral Glam is pictured with four coats. If I keep using so many coats, I imagine myself running out very quickly since these Layla polishes are only 10mL compared to the normal 15mL OPI/China Glaze/Zoya nail polishes. The dry time for Coral Glam also took longer than Retro Pink, but I guess it might be because it does not dry as matte as Retro Pink. Another thing I did not like is that there were some balding while applying Coral Glam, which is a problem I did not have with Retro Pink.
Although it was a pain to apply it, I feel that it is worth it because I am really enjoying looking at the color on my nails! What do you guys think about this? Love it? Hate it? Let me know! :)


  1. very pretty! :) too bad you have to use many of coats of it, they are small bottles.

    1. Yeah.. I'm hoping the other two I have won't require as much coats. But it's so pretty!!