Friday, March 16, 2012

Layla Retro Pink

Swatches & Review

So today, I have swatches for Layla's Retro Pink. Retro Pink is in their Hologram Effect collection, which consists of 8 holographic finish polishes.
Retro Pink is a rose-y pink color. I do not own anything like this so I do not really have anything to compare it to.
My swatches show three coats of the polish. This polish was not watery, but it was very thin so I applied three coats for best results. What I noticed is you have to give all the Layla holographic polishes a good shake before using it because when I didn't, the polish on the brush came out pretty patchy. It's weird because it is thick in the bottle, but that thickness does not translate onto the nails. This polish dried extremely fast, it dried within 3 minutes of each coat a put on and it dries in a semi-matte finish. It sounds weird, but it does not look bad at all. It is semi-matte, but the holographic-ness gives it a shine.. get it? The holographic effect is strong, so even when you are in a dim-lighted room, you will be able to see the holographic effect of it. I hope you guys are able to see the hologram effect of this since I was having a hard time to get a good picture of it (it is pouring in the bay area right now).
Overall, I like this polish, but I don't love it. Like my previous posts stated, I'm not really a fan of pink. I decided to get this instead of Ocean's Rush because Ocean's Rush seems very similar to China Glaze's DV8, which I own and because I do not own any rose-y pink holographic finish polishes and since I am a big fan of holographic polishes, this is a nice addition to have.


  1. Too bad you're not a fan. It looks gorgeous!

    1. I like it and all, but not loving it like it is a must have! :) Maybe over summer when the sun it out, it might change my mind. lol