Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Facts

About Me

So, I'm pretty sure no one really knows much about me, so I decided I will just post a few random facts about me. It might be interesting to you, it might not be, but it is just for the fun of it :)
1) I drink about 8 cups of water a day.
2) I am obsessed with flossing my teeth.
3) I have two dogs. One is named Brownie, and one is named Coffee.
4) I like to do random things in public (such as skipping down a hill and singing Yankee Doodle), just so some strangers can get a good laugh out of it (and I'm pretty sure I may not see them again).
5) I have more makeup than I will ever need.
6) I do not like bacon.
7) I love chicken wings and ribs.
8) I normally get about 8+ hours of sleep per night.
9) I am insecure about my lips and when I talk because my lips are not straight.
10) My left hand is slightly bigger than my right hand, so my nails on my left hand are smaller than my right hand, but my nails on my right side are a lot slimmer. (Which is why I usually photograph my left hand).
11) I love going out in the rain with a t-shirt on just to step on puddles.
12) I am allergic to the sun/heat. When I'm in the sun for too long, I start breaking out in hives.
13) I can not stand knowing my room is not vacuumed every other day, because I am allergic to dust.
14) I like going to the beach.
15) It makes me happy when I see new followers on my blog (I'm sure that's everyone though :D )

Is there anything about you that you would like to share? I would love to know! :)


  1. I have a friend who breaks out in hives in the sun too. I don't, but I still prefer to stay out of the sun.

    1. I know a few people who are the same too, it sucks! :( Especially when I enjoy going to the beach on sunny days, a lot!