Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dusty Pinks

I always find myself buying a lot of dusty pink colors because I think dusty pinks look good with pretty much anything, but that can just be my opinion. So today, I decided to do some swatches on a few "dusty" pink colors I have.

On my pinky, I have Zoya Penelope.
On my ring finger, I have OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
On my middle finger, I have OPI Java Mauve-a
On my pointer finger, I have China Glaze Fifth Avenue
& On my thumb, I have China Glaze Sweet Cream

All of them are creme, but Gouda Gouda Two Shoes has a subtle shimmer to it. When comparing them, the two China Glaze's look like they really stand out because they are a lot brighter. When I wear them alone, they seem a bit more dustier, but that might be because there is not anything right next to it that is even dustier. The Zoya and OPI's seem very similar, but there are difference to them.
Zoya Penelope is similar to OPI Java Mauve-a, but Penelope is a lighter and brighter shade. Both the OPI's are very similar and the main difference is that Gouda Gouda Two Shoes has shimmer in it. China Glaze Fifth Avenue is dustier than China Glaze Sweet Cream, and Sweet Cream is definitely brighter. I also have a full review on China Glaze's Sweet Cream from a few months ago too :)
Overall, I really like all of these colors. Almost all of them were easy to apply, but China Glaze's Fifth Avenue is on the thicker side, which took longer to dry and you had to be careful on how much polish you have on the brush or it can come off goopey looking on the nail. I used one coat of Zoya Penelope, and two coats for the rest. What do you guys think of dusty pinks? Like it? Dislike it? Let me know! :)


  1. i love this dusty pinks....i dont have any yet, but i think i need to pick some up. They are cute!

    1. I know! They are pretty and appropriate for many occasions :D

  2. I love that pink on your thumb! Something I would totally wear. (P.s I just subscribed to your blog :) )