Thursday, September 13, 2012

Urban Decay Vice Palette

Swatches & Review
When I heard that the Vice Palette is already out at Macy stores, I went to the closet one to me. Unlike other Macy’s where others were able to already purchase the Vice Palette, this Macy’s did not let me purchase it because the official release date for it is not until next Tuesday, September 18, 2012. However, they let me swatch the shades that they had on display so I decided to swatch some to take pictures of!
Press Release Image from Urban Decay

The Vice Palette is part of Urban Decay’s Holiday 2012 collection. Unlike previous years where they have released a Book of Shadows, this is a lot slimmer in size and does not have all the things that previously came with the Book of Shadows, such as primer and eyeliner. This palette only comes with a double-sided brush, which is like the Naked 2 palette. The packaging for the Vice Palette is very soft, like how NARS packaging is. If you touch it when your hands have shadows, it will likely stick to it, so keep a note of that.

A lot of these shades are glittery. From what I have swatched, it seems that only four out of the twenty is matte. All of the shades are swatched over Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion.
Click on the image for a larger view.
These are the shades from the top portion of the palette.
These are from the lower portion of the palette.
Desperation is a grey with a silver sheen. It was very smooth and easy to apply. It reminds me of Gunmetal without the glitter.
Muse is a brown with subtle fleck of coppery glitter. This one was kind of gritty and had a lot of fallout.
Jagged is a black-grey shade that is glittery. It was not gritty, but it required two layers for the color to show because it was not as pigmented like the other shades. It reminds me of Cobra (but a lighter version of Cobra) from the Black Palette, and from the Book of Shadows 4.
Blitz is a metallic gold color. It was very smooth and easy to apply.
Penny Lane looks like a bronze-ish peachy shade with a metallic finish. Like Blitz, this was very smooth and easy to apply.
Junkie is exactly like the eyeliner. It is a turquoise with golden glitter. The glitter was subtle and the shade itself was smooth and easy to apply. There is glitter fall out with this one, but I absolutely love this shade! It is extremely pigmented and gorgeous.
Chaos is a matte cobalt blue. It is chalky, but definitely buildable. This was the shade I was looking forward to the most about this palette.
Occupy is a blue-grey (slate) with glittery. If Zoya’s FeiFei had an eyeshadow, this would be it. It is pigmented and smooth.
Unhinged is a metallic light blue that leans a bit turquoise, but not quite there. This shade was also smooth and easy to apply.
Black Market is a matte black. It reminds me of Perversion because it is chalky like it. Definitely not like Blackout from the 15th anniversary palette because Blackout is very pigmented for me.
Provocateur is a pink-ish glitter. This was very gritty and a majority that shows up is glitter.
Rapture is a smoky grey-purple. It has some silver glitter to it, but it was smooth.
Vice is a purple with a slightly blue sheen to it. It reminds me of AC/DC, which was in my Book of Shadows 2.
Noise is a pink with a bunch of gold glitter. When I first saw this in pictures, I thought it would be like Junkshow or Woodstock, but this is not smooth like those and this is very, very glittery. It was gritty.
Armor is a glittery taupe. It was not gritty, but it had a lot of fallout.
Nevermind is a light brown with a metallic finish. This was very smooth and easy to apply.
Echo Beach is like a light bronze shade with a metallic finish. This was smooth and easy to apply.
Anonymous is a matte peachy-white shade. It was very chalky and required a lot for it to show.
Freebird is a champagne-pink with a glittery finish. This was gritty and had some fallout.
Laced is a matte nude shade. It reminds me a lot of Naked. This was not as chalky as the other mattes and definitely workable.

Out of all the shades, I think Junkie. Laced, Chaos, Unhinged and Penny Lane are my favorites. If you do not like glittery shades, I do not think this palette is for you. Not all, but a lot of these shades have fall out and are gritty. Although a lot of the shades are pigmented, the very glittery ones and the matte ones were not as pigmented. Like what I originally thought, Chaos is definitely the stand-out shade in this palette because it is a color that you do not see often from urban Decay. Although all the colors are new, it seems like it has been done before, even wit different finishes. This retails for $59 and is going to be for sale on on September 15th, and at Macy’s Urban Decay counters on September 18th. I believe it is going to be September 27th for other retailers, such as Sephora and Ulta to have them in stock. What do you think about this palette? Are you planning on getting it? :)


  1. The shades are beautiful! I don't know if I will indulge or not, as the colors look similar to what I have in previous Urban Decay palettes.

    1. I agree with you. It really does look like a lot of their past shades, but in different finishes.

  2. WAAAANT! :) I'm wondering if they will sell this on because I have (2) $10 off $40.

    1. The top ten shades are very vibrant! Lol. I don't know if they would since this is a limited edition item. It would be a good deal for you if it was on there!

    2. so pretty! i think that they should because they'll be having ocho loco set up soon.. but we'll see :D

  3. Another must have from urban decay for me! Can't wait for this to come out :)

    1. Just a few more days & it will be available online! :) I hope you & your baby boy is doing great! He's so cute :)

  4. Should I get this or Naked 2 palette ? its my first urban decay palette.

    1. It depends. If you want more neutral shades, then NAKED 2 is a good choice. If you want more shades than just neutral, this is not bad either! Especially since this is limited edition and this is your first UD palette, it offers you a wider range of colors than just neutrals/browns.