Saturday, September 15, 2012

Butter London: Trustafarian

Swatches & Review
Trustafarian is part of Butter London's Fall 2012 collection. This past Monday, Ulta was having a buy one get one free offer so I purchased this and Dodgy Barnett.
Trustafarian is a sage green with a holographic finish. The sage green is not much like the creme sage greens that I have owned because this is definitely a lot lighter than other sage greens I own. Although the holographic finish of this is not super strong, it is still pretty. The finish is not a linear kind of holo, but is more like a scattered.
When wearing this indoor, the holographic finish is not very noticeable.
You can definitely see it a lot better with flash.
Of course it looks best when it's outdoor :)

Overall, this nail polish was on the sheer side, but it is build-able. It is not hard to work with like how Layla's are. If you wait about five-ten minutes for each coat, there is no dragging or patchiness from this, which is great! For my swatches, I used three coats. I wish the green was a bit darker. Since the color is light, it goes against my skintone and makes my fingers look a bit red. What do you think about Butter Londons? Did you purchase any from the Ulta Butter London special?


  1. I agree, it looks more peridot than the usual tone of green that is dubbed sage. I don't think I'd wear this color... maybe if the glitter wasn't gold? I don't have any colors from this brand, though.

    1. From the others I have tried before, I guess this isn't the best one. I really like their creme finish polishes though!