Friday, September 28, 2012

theBalm FratBoy Blush

Swatches & Review
theBalm's FratBoy blush is one of my favorite blushes of all time. I have had mine for a bit over a year now and it is almost my everyday blush. The reason I say almost is because I don't wear blush (or any makeup) on a daily basis, so when I do wear blushes, I normally go for FratBoy.
Oh how I wish I had a FratBoy..
Lol, nah. I'm content with my boyfriend so this FratBoy is perfect!
On theBalm's website, FratBoy is described as a Peachy-apricot.
On my skintone, it is more of a peachy-pink since it means more pink than apricot for me. The pigmentation on this is amazing! I always brush it on with a light-hand since it can easily be overdone.
This is how it looks when it is in sunlight.
This is how it looks when I am indoors.

For this blush, I get about an average wear for 5 hours on it with minimal fading (unless I'm rubbing my cheeks all day o__o). It is a gorgeous color and does not look too overwhelming on the cheeks.

This is one of my favorite blushes hands down. I have been using it for a year and I still love it! Like I always say, a little bit of FratBoy on your face will give you a healthy glow for the day :)

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