Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jessica Pumpkin Delight

Swatches & Review
Last week, I posted another color from Jessica's Fall Spicy Dream collection, Gingersnap. This week, I have Pumpkin Delight from the same collection! Pumpkin Delight is a multi-shimmer color with a foil-like finish, like Gingersnap. It is more red-toned compared to Gingersnap, which leans more to the brown side.

Pumpkin Delight is a red-orange shade with flecks of gold-bronze & red in it. Although my swatches do not show the duo-chrome on it much, it is definitely a lot more noticeable in the sun & it looks amazing! The shimmer in it is smooth and not gritty. It was a bit on the thick side so wipe off the excess nail polish from the brush on the rim of the bottle or it will look goopey on the nail. I used two coats for this.

I really like this shade. Like Gingersnap and Warm & Fozzie, it makes me feel all warm. Although this is for fall, I feel like this would also be perfect for the Holidays. When I look at Pumpkin Delight, it makes me want some Pumpkin Pie for some Pumpkin Spiced Palette. Even though today is the first day of Autumn (perfect shade for the day!), it's still very sunny and looking at Pumpkin Delight, it makes me think of how I can not wait until it gets all cold and driving around in the car with the heater on (which is something I love to do). It was a bit thick, but making the first coat thinner than the second coat definitely helps. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn! :)


  1. this shade is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

    hope that all is well with you<3

  2. I was very tempted by this shade when I saw it IRL. I wish now that I had picked it up!

    1. Did you see it at US Nail? I got it there! lol. They didn't even have it on display when I went, I had to ask them for it.