Saturday, September 22, 2012

Disney Cinderella Sephora Collection Storylook Palette

Remember how I just ranted this morning about placing an order on Sephora a few days ago & new items popping up just a few days later? Okay, so before placing my order, I checked out Too Faced and Sephora's new Cinderella collection. When I checked Cinderella on Sephora it said "Come back in October!", but now, the Storylook palette is on sale! I am so mad at myself for not waiting TWO more days. -____- anyway, here's how the palette looks like!

Image found on

It seems like this palette has an eyeshadow part that you can take out so if anything, you can end up keeping the box it comes with! For some reason, it reminds me of last years Kat Von D palette, but I really like the packaging for the Cinderella palette! I WANT IT, NOW!!

This retails for $55 and it contains 20 eyeshadows where each of them are 0.035oz.

Here are a few more items from this collection:
Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set: $25
Midnight Hour Eyeshadow Palette: $30
A Brush With Fate Nail Polish Set: $24.50
Thoughts? :)


  1. This palette looks gorgeous! Plus, Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie so I guess I have to pick one up :)

    1. I know! 20 colors too? I'm also looking forward to the lipsticks! I wonder what's engraved on them since I can't really see it that well.