Saturday, September 29, 2012

OCC Lip Tar: Hush

Swatches & Review
I have previously reviewed Melange, NSFW, & Memento. This week, I will be reviewing Hush.
Hush is described as a pale bridal pink. On me, it looks like a pale neutral peachy-pink.
When I looked at the tube, I thought that this color would be a bit more orange because it looks like that in the tube, but it only has a slight hint of a peachy tone to it. Personally, this is not a shade that I would go for since this is very pale on me, so I might consider mixing this with another shade. I think this shade would be very pretty on people with a lighter skin-tone then mine. When I look at myself with this on, it makes me look like I'm sick, but it is just personal preference. Like the other lip tars, this dries semi-matte and can be drying to the lips after a while. I felt like this shade gets patchy on the lips after a while because after about an hour of wearing it, the shade on my lips became uneven and patchy. I probably would not use this by itself, but I think this will definitely be a great color to tone other colors down, such as NSFW, or if you have any other shade of lip tars.

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