Thursday, September 27, 2012

Benefit High Flyin' Gloss Set

Swatches & Review
Benefit's High Flyin' Lip Gloss set contains all of their Ultra Plush Lip Gloss shades. All of these lip glosses have blush from Benefit's line to match it with. I have always been interested in these glosses, but never got them so since they released a set for the Holiday season, I immediately jumped on it!
The six shades in this set are Dallas, Hoola, Bella Bamba, Coralista, Dandelion, and Sugarbomb.
When I swatched them, they seem like they would be pigmented on the lips. I thought that these would be similar to Buxom's lip glosses (since they are pigmented on the lips), but they sheer out a lot.
From left to right:
Sugarbomb: A light magenta with shimmer.
Dandelion: A light cotton candy pink with shimmer.
Coralista: Coral pink
Bella Bamba: Bright semi-hot pink
Hoola: Nude with shimmer
Dallas: Pink-brown

These small very sweet, it reminds me of cupcakes. I am pretty sensitive to scented lip items, but the scent on these wore off after a while so it was not too bad. Although I thought that they would be pigmented, they all only leave a slight tint to my lips, which were kind of disappointing to me. However, I do like that they are not super sticky. They are a bit sticky, but not incredibly sticky to where my hair gets stuck to my lips very often.
These are 0.22 oz each, when their full-sized ones are .5 oz, which is a little less than half. This is how it looks compared to a Carmex lip balm in a squeeze tube.

I thought these were a good deal especially since I have none of the shades yet, but I wish they were a bit more pigmented because I think if you were to wear these with the blushes from Benefit, the blush would show and the lip gloss itself would not even match up to the shade of the blush. If you are into lip glosses and do not mind if they look like a lightly tinted shade, this would be perfect for you. I think that these would make great stocking stuffers since they are small. This set retails for $26 and it is currently sold on and


  1. what a neat set!! it's nice that you can try each one :) they would definitely make great stocking stuffers!

    1. Yes they would! lol. & it is! I would have hated it if I bought a full-sized, didn't like it, and only have one shade instead of 6. I can use these over some lipsticks :)