Friday, September 14, 2012

OCC Lip Tar: Melange

Swatches & Review
The next Lip Tar I will review is Melange from the set that I have purchased.

Melange is a terracotta color. On me, Melange looks like a pale orange.
Like the other two I have reviewed, this dried semi-matte. This is not a lip-gloss, but more like a liquid lipstick. I only used a tiny bead to fill my whole lips. It is a shade I have not worn before, but it is something I would wear.
Overall, this lasted about 5 hours on me, but it did fade after a while. The wear on this is a lot better than NSFW. I find that lip tars tend to be drying on the lips so it would be helpful if you put on some chapstick a while before applying them. This color is interesting to me, considering I do not usually wear shades that are in other colors that for normal lip colors. I think I will try to mix this with the other shades I have to see what I can come up with! lol :)


  1. hi! thanks for dropping by my blog earlier.
    i've become your newest follower since i don't have a ton of American bloggers on my feed yet and already you've introduced me to brands like this one and Sleek - so thanks!!
    this lip tar looks amazing! and i checked out your other swatches too and Memento is super pretty :)

    1. Thanks! OCC is pretty amazing! Sleek is from the UK, but it is amazing! :)