Friday, September 28, 2012

Tarte Fantastic Foursome 4-Piece Enthusiast Blush Set

Swatches & Review
Yesterday, I posted my haul from Sephora & have already reviewed Benefit's High Flyin' Glosses. Today, I will review Tarte's amazing blush set for the Holidays. It is called the Fantastic Foursome 4-Piece Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Enthusiast Set, which is a really long title. Anyway, this consists of four brand new Tarte blushes. These are not full-sized, but they are half of a full-sized blush.
The four shades in this collection is Angelic, Stellar, Magic, and Fantastic. What I noticed in these are that the print/engraving in these are popped up, as opposed to the full-sized where the embossing of it goes in.
Angelic: A shimmery champagne
Stellar: Shimmery bronze
Magic: Matte coral
Fantastic: Matte light fuchsia.
My swatches from left to right are: Angelic, Stellar, Magic & Fantastic

It's been dim all morning since there is no sun this morning so I'm sorry about the swatches if they're very low-lighted. These were all very smooth, but I felt like Angelic and Stellar did not show up on my skin as well as Magic and Fantastic did. Angelic is more of a shimmery highlighter and Stellar is more of a shimmery bronzer than a blush. What I noticed about Angelic is that the packaging for that is kind of rough, while the others are a smooth kind of plastic. Magic is a coral shade and Fantastic is a light fuchsia. I really like Magic because it is not like a shade I own and Fantastic kind of reminds me of Gaiety from NARS.

Some comparisons to the full-sized ones

Overall, I feel like this is a good deal not only for people who do not own a lot of Tarte blushes, but for people who own many of them since these are all new shades. Although they are half-sized, I feel like it is still a good deal considering one full-sized itself is $25 for 0.20oz, while this set is $35 for 4 0.10oz blushes, which makes this a $50 value (even though the box states $60 value). They are very smooth and although Angelic and Stellar needed a few swipes to show up on my skin, I think it's understandable since they are more of a highlighter and bronzer, which highlighters and bronzers do not show up on me well. I like how these are half-sized since I am a blush hoarder I will never finish my blushes anyway so these will last me a while. I love how it is almost the Holidays & all these amazing sets are coming out! These would be perfect for personal use if you love blushes, but it would also be perfect as stocking stuffers since they're mini sized :)
....& this is my 100th post on the blog!


  1. these are super pretty - very nice colors and a great way to try them all out. blushes take me forever to finish so the size is also a plus!
    congrats on your 100th post :)

    1. My favorites definitely has to be Magic & Fantastic! lol.

  2. They are really good!! Beautiful colors!! Thanks for the review!!

    Thank you so much for stoppin by and for the lovely comment.. yea.. that was the yogurtland spoon with sanrio character..lolzz!!

    Would you like to follow each other?? lemme know!!


    1. I collected all the yogurtland spoons so I was like, hey! that's a blue one! lol :)

  3. These are pretty. :) I onlyhave one so far in Glisten.

    1. For some reason, I could so imagine you with Magic! Lol. Maybe it's just me :P Do you think you're going to get it?

  4. These are so dang pretty. Also, I tagged you on one of those blogger awards, here's where you can find that stuff:

  5. These are soo pretty, i really wish we could get them here in the UK? :(