Friday, January 6, 2012

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set: 24Karat Edition


This is a limited edition brush set from Tokidoki released for the Holiday's at Sephora. Like Hello Kitty, the Tokidoki makeup line is introduced by Sephora. Also, I am in love with Tokidoki, just like how I really really like Hello Kitty!
When I first saw these brushes as upcoming products, I knew that I had to have it because I have their first Pittura brush set from their permanent line and I absolutely adore those brushes. When this set first launched, it was priced at $42 and by the time I got around to buying this set, it was reduced to $39. I heard mixed reviews about this set before getting it, but after trying it, they are just how I expected them to be. The brushes are soft and pick up the product well. Unlike their first set, these come with charms. Although the charms nay get in the way sometimes, they are removable so you can hang them with your other keychains if you own a Tokidoki bag or use them as keychains on your keys! Recently, the brush price were reduced, again to $24. I did not have the chance to purchase these online with the extra 20%, but I found them in stores for $24 so I purchased a back-up. $24 for a brush set is an amazing deal considering how the powder brush would cost about the same price as the whole set costs now, so it is like paying for the powder brush and you get a eyeshadow brush, a smudge brush and a lip/liner brush as a bonus, OR it comes out to $6 each brush, which in my opinion is totally worth it! These are now sold out online, but if you love Tokidoki or are interested in investing some brushes, call your local Sephora to see if they have this in stock because to me, they are awesome! If you have these, what do you think about them? Like it? Love it? :)

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