Saturday, January 28, 2012

China Glaze; Electric Beat

Swatches & Review

When I first heard about China Glaze's Electropop collection, Electric Beat was the only color that I was interested in from the whole collection of eleven colors and one glitter top coat. Electric Beat is a dusty blue. It is similar to Zoya's Yummy, but it is a bit lighter and dustier.

Although this was the color I was most excited about, applying it was disappointing. This nail polish was thick and it applied streaky. I was hoping by the 2nd coat that it would be less streaky, but I was wrong. I applied three coats with the third coat being a super thick one so it will even itself out, which is what I usually do with streaky nail polishes. When first applied and wet, the polish on the nail is lighter than the bottle. Once it dries, it gets darker, which is also a bit darker than the shade in the bottle. Since I used a thick third coat for the polish not be streaky on the nail, it took longer to dry, even with the Seche Vite top coat.
Overall, this is a pretty dusty blue color, but I don't think this polish is one of the blue colors I will be going to use a lot considering the application was a total pain. What do you guys think about this polish? Own it? Love it? Have any other color from this collection?

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone! :)

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  1. Oh that sucks about the application. I have a few polishes that are pretty, but a pain to get the streaks out.