Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello Kitty Mon Amour Palette

One thing about me is that I absolutely love Hello Kitty! I am now a college student and I still love Hello Kitty so I guess I just never grew out of that phase. When Sephora first introduced their makeup line with Hello Kitty, I was so excited, but nothing about their products interest me enough to buy it, and well, keep it. Today, I was browsing Sephora's site and I saw yet again, new Hello Kitty products! (I swear, it feels like there are new Hello Kitty designs every few months, or very, very often!). This set, the Mon Amour Palette caught my eye because I really like the concept of where Hello Kitty is holding balloons which are the makeup products itself, absolutely cute & it is $35! Not too bad considering you get 8 eye shadows an 2 blushes, so hopefully the next time I go to Sephora, they have it so I can check it out and it might even be my first purchase from the line! I am a bit skeptical about it because for their previous palettes/eye shadows that I have tried, they were chalky and too sheer for my liking and it seems like this palette may be just that considering their colors are more on the pastel side. What do you guys think? Any thoughts about their product from this line? :)

Picture from (link to product)

*update. Since this post, Sephora has changed the price of this product from $35 to $42.


  1. They raised the price to $35. Think I'll wait for it to go on sale. Will you get it? The noir palette with the shimmer powder is really nice & on sale for $20. I think every season they come out with a new line of Hello Kitty palettes.

    1. Oops sorry I meant they raised the price to $42 from $35.

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  3. @Neeners Yeah, I actually noticed that two days ago too. I guess they got the price wrong, but I doubt I would be buying it unless I swatch it and like it because a lot of the shadows from Sephora's HK line are usually chalky & sheer. They come out with a new line of Hello Kitty every season just like they do with Tokidoki, but they also go on sale a lot too! lol. I'm sure we can both wait until the sale :)