Friday, January 20, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix: Swatches and Review

Remember I posted before about China Glaze's version of magnetic polishes? Well, they have been released and I was so happy to find out that the China Glaze Magnetix has been released! Once I found out, I knew I just had to go get it! Although there are six colors total, I only bought four of them for now considering I need to save some money for school because it is starting next week. I might end up going back to get the last two when I have time to though. Here are the four colors I got:

Left to Right: Attraction, Cling On, Instant Chemistry & Pull Me Close.

This is how the magnet looks like.

For all the reviews, I have my pinky as the individual color itself, my ring finger with the line magnet, my middle finger with the arrow magnet, and my index finger with the star magnet.

Attraction: Is a Gunmetal Grey with shimmer. Out of all the colors, I found this color to take a bit more time for the design to go through from the design, so leave the magnet on top of it for a big longer than others so approx. 20 seconds. I used one coat for this nail polish, but if you want it to be darker, you can apply two coats, or until however you like it.

Cling On: Reminds me of a duckpoop green. Lol, it doesn't sound appealing, but it really isn't a bad color at all. Basically, it's like a silver shimmer duckpoop green. I found Cling On to be on the sheer side, so two coats would be better for this although I only used one. (I was following the instructions so I could just test it out). I found this color to be one of the easiest and fastest one for the design to get on it. I put the magnets on top for about 6 seconds and it was already done!
Instant Chemistry: Is a dark purple, like a deep eggplant purple. This really only required one coat for full coverage. When picturing this color, I found it only looks better with flash and when I didn't use flash, the effects didn't show as much. Normally, I am not a purple nail polish kind of girl, but this purple is really pretty. This again, did not require a lot of time for the design to get on from the magnet, about 10 seconds.

Pull Me Close: This is a metallic blue. Kind of reminds me of Adore from China Glaze, but a bit more silver. In the pictures, this looks similar to Attraction, but you can tell the difference once it's on your nails. This, like Cling On was on the sheer side, but it was really fast for it until the design got onto it, which was about 6 seconds. Not a bad color at all!

Overall, I found these magnet polishes to be very easy to use. The dry time is fast and you only need one coat for Instant Chemistry and Attraction. I found Cling on to be really sheer with one coat, but Cling on and Pull Me Close were the easiest and faster to get the design on from the magnet. I love how there are three designs included in the magnet, and I found the line design to be the easiest one to use, after the star one. The only one I still need to work on using is the arrow one, which I found to make my nail polish wrinkle and fold upward so the nail polish gets kind of goopey. They are all easily my favorites, but if I had to choose, I think I would choose Cling On because the color is pretty unique in my stash and I love greens! OH, I found a good name for this green, it's kind of like camouflage green! lol. Other than that, I think China Glaze's version of magnet polish is just as good as other brands and more affordable. I believe they retail for $8 - $10 depending on where you get them and the price of the magnet ranges from $2 - $5. To make sure you have the design on, watch the magnet while it is on top of your nail and you will see it slowly start creasing and eventually, you will be able to tell when it is done. What do you guys think about this? Own it? Love it?

*All the pictures in this blog post are mine and the nail polishes were purchased by me.


  1. Where did you find these out for sale? I'm dying to know!

    1. I actually got these in San Jose, California. They already had their displays out, but I'm sure they're going to pop up everywhere soon! I found some online e-tailers already selling them, but I don't know how legit they are. Once I find some legit ones, I can let you know! :)