Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wen Cleansing Conditioner


I got this sample size of Wen Cleansing Conditioner from MyGlam bag. Okay well, I signed up for MyGlam bag in December, I didn't receive my January bag, contacted them for them to tell me I will be receiving one and then getting another e-mail telling me I will not be getting one & getting a refund instead. So, Kaela from Makeuptalk was so generous to offer me her second bag since she got two bags from MyGlam and I received it last Tuesday.
Since receiving the bag, Wen was one of the items I was looking forward to trying so for the past two days, I have used it to test it out since a lot of girls on MyGlam's facebook page was raving about how good their hair felt after one wash. I first tried it yesterday in the shower, and as a leave-in conditioner and I wasn't impressed. I decided to give it another try today since I thought that I should try it more than once before I have an opinion on it. Since the bottle was only 2oz and my hair is super long, I am almost done with the sample sized bottle after my second wash. From what I have tried, I can honestly say that I do not like the cleansing conditioner from Wen.
After using the product, my hair felt really dry. Both times after trying it, my hair was tangled! Also, I decided to use it as a leave-in both times hoping it will feel a lot smoother afterwards, but after today, I really couldn't take how rough my hair felt so I had to go back into the shower and re-wash my hair with the original conditioner I use for my hair. I feel like this product is too hyped up and it really doesn't do what it is meant to do, unless we have to actually have the whole set you order online. A lot of the conditioner was required to be used, considering my hair is so long, while I only need a small dime sized amount from my normal conditioner to make my hair feel smooth. With that said, I will not be purchasing the full set and the full size of this product because it is just not worth it. Maybe it works on some people, but it just doesn't work for me :( ..

What do you guys think of Wen? Own it? Love it? Any opinions? Comment below!

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