Saturday, February 11, 2012

OPI; I Have a Herring Problem

Swatches & Review

Today, I have swatches of I Have a Herring Problem from OPI's newest Holland collection! I was originally going to post this up last week, but once I got back to where I stay during the school week, I realized I left my camera with the pictures at home! This collection consists of 12 colors where 6 of them are creme's and 6 of them are shimmers. I purchased three of the shimmers and I Have a Herring Problem is one of them! This collection has two blue shimmers which are very, very similar, but I purchased both of them since I love blue nail polishes! Especially with shimmer in them.
Anyway, I Have a Herring Problem is a medium dusty blue. Out of this and I Don't Give a Rotterdamn, this is a darker version of it. However, the picture of this with flash makes it light enough for it to look like I Don't Give a Rotterdamn! The formula on this was pretty thin. It was not streaky when applying it, but after three coats, I was still able to see my nail so I used four coats in all these swatches for full coverage.
With flash
No Flash

Overall, I think this is a great color from the collection. Although it requires about four coats, the color was absolutely amazing! Especially in the sun. I did not notice it indoors, but when I was waiting for the bus, I looked at the color in the sunlight and I saw that the shimmer was not just plain silver shimmer, but I was able to see that there are rainbow shimmers in there. It is really hidden, but in direct sunlight, it looks awesome! Three of the days when the sun was out while waiting for the bus, I couldn't stop staring at the color of the polish. People around me probably thought I was a weird-oh, hah. So my pictures do no justice, even though it is pretty indoors as well. I think you guys just have to try it for yourself!


  1. hmm, sounds interesting, though I wish it wasn't a 3 coater. Sounds like the shimmer really makes it worth the effort, though!