Saturday, February 25, 2012

Freeman's Facial Clay Mask


After seeing people posting up how Walmart is selling the small packs for $.34, I decided to go to mine to check it out. A few of my Walmarts did not let me use the coupon on these sample packets, but some others did so I grabbed some from those places. I do not use face mask's much so I picked up two of their Avocado & Oatmeal and their Chocolate & Strawberry one. When I went home, I immediately tried it on (after cleaning my face of course). I thought that this was a one use package and I was surprised with how much product one pack comes with! I kept layering it on my face and I still had a lot in the package left, so I decided to put some on my boyfriend (he initially did not like it).
After putting on the product, we both waited until it dried. It took him about 10 minutes because I had enough to put a thin layer on him and it took me about half an hour because of all those layers! After washing it off (which took a while to get my face all clean and green-free), I felt that my skin was smoother and my pores were dirt free! Usually when I accidentally scratch my nose area, I see all these pores and it is all gross, but after this I did not notice much of them and I was incredibly happy with the results. Of course, it only lasted about a day or two, but for best results I suggest using this about two times a week! Oh & remember my boyfriend initially did not like it? He liked his skin after washing it off because he also felt the results!


I'm excited to try the Chocolate & Strawberry one now! & I think if I have some left, I can actually save it for the day after because it does not dry in the package. Just seal it tightly so bacteria & all that nasty stuff does not get in over the night. Have any of you tried it? Like it? Let me know!


  1. I've tried their Goji Berry one and didn't much care for it maybe I'll give them a second chance with this one :)
    Beauty Flawed

  2. Hee! That picture of you two is hilarious! :)

    I'll have to check this out. I don't use a lot of masks, and I think I should start including them in my skin care routine.