Thursday, February 23, 2012

Essie; Navigate Her

Swatches & Review

Hey everyone! I am so happy I got my laptop back from the Apple store today! It sucks because the first time I took it in back in December, the guy working there insisted there was nothing wrong with my laptop. I felt like something was wrong so I took it in again, but a different one & they found a huge problem... my logic board was dying! Anyway, I'm glad I got it back & it is fixed! So now, I have some swatches of Essie's Navigate Her for you :)
Navigate her is from Essie's 2012 Spring collection, so you will be able to find it now, or soon if you are looking for colors from their spring collection. When I first saw this collection, I knew I had to have Navigate Her because it is a pistachio/dark lime green! The formula on this nail polish was a bit on the thick side, but it did not give me a hard time to work it so that is a total plus! I usually expect creme polishes to be streaky because most of the ones I have tried are, but this was not streaky at all and I only needed two coats.
Overall, I think this nail polish is a nice color for spring. If you are a sucker for green nail polishes like I am, this is a great choice since this is a creme green and is not streaky at all. I have a lot of green nail polishes, but this green is not the same as the other ones I own. I think the closet comparison I was able to find for this is Sally Hansen's Green with Envy, but Green with Envy is greener and brighter. What do you guys think? Own it? Love it? :)


  1. Great color, and love the flowers :-)

    1. It is a great color, especially since it's been very sunny in North California lately. :)

    2. It rains most of the time here :( wish I was in Cali ;)

    3. Aw, bummer :( It's supposed to rain here in North Cali, but it has been a really extremely dry winter. I would love some rain here, we're going to be in a drought! You should visit Cali when you can though! :)

  2. Although this is a color I would not have tried by myself, I really like it! Very pretty color that reminds me of spring.