Friday, October 19, 2012

China Glaze Glitter All The Way

Swatches & Review
Glitter All The Way is part of China Glaze's Holiday Joy collection. Holiday Joy is their 2012 Holiday collection. This collection contains twelve shades. Seven of the shades have a glitter finish to them. Looking at the shades, it seems like Angel Wings is the exact same shade as Ultamate Holiday, which was an Ulta exclusive last year. I ended up only purchasing one shade out of twelve, which is Glitter All The Way.
From the bottle, it shows that there are many multi-colored glitters, such as purple, red, gold, and green.
Index: Two Coats
Middle: One Coat
Ring: Two Coats with Black Base
Pinky: One Coat with Black Base
From the swatches, it shows that the green glitters are the biggest in glitter size of the bunch. It only required two coats for full coverage of the nails. Like all glitters, these are super gritty, but it's nothing that two thick top coats can't fix. The first coat get kind of patchy, but if you let it fully dry before applying the second coat, it covers the patchy-ness. These dried pretty fast, although they were kind of the the thick side (which is how most glitters are).

Overall, I love this glitter polish! It is definitely like confetti on the nails. I see myself using this as an accent for Christmas and New Years! What I like about this unlike the glitter from previous years is that you can use this for many occasions, whereas glitters in the past were mainly just red, green and gold. In person, it is super sparkly and shiny, definitely eye-catching. For me, this is a must-have! If you like glitters, this is definitely a good choice :) What do you think about glitter polish? Are you ready for the Holidays?


  1. I would love this as a pedicure color! So cheerful!

  2. Hi Lisa! Yes, I did go to Wash and I thought you looked familiar as well :) I love your blog and I get hearts in my eyes every time I see all the makeup you swatch :D

    1. Yup! I probably saw you around before, but Wash was so long ago for me since I graduated four years ago! lol. & Thank you! :)

  3. I got this polish, also. I have a hard time saying no to colorful glitters. I love the colors in this one, these kinds of mixed glitters are very cheerful!

    1. Can't wait to wear this for happy nails! lol.