Monday, October 8, 2012

Tarte Statement Lips 5-Piece LipSurgence Collector's Set

Swatches & Review
Today, I have some swatches from Tarte's Holiday Statement Lips set. When I purchased the Fantastic Foursome Set, I also ordered this as well. This set contains 5 full-sized LipSurgence. When I purchased this, Sephora said it was an "all matte" set, but after getting it, I realized only one is matte. I notice now that they have changed the description of it (I also called in to tell them about it as well).
The five shades that are in this is Escape, Enchanted, Exposed, Sweet, & Elite. From what I noticed, four of these shade names begin with the letter E! Maybe it is just a coincidence?
Two of the shades have a Lip Luster finish: Escape & Sweet.
Two are Lip Tints in Enchanted and Elite.
One has a matte finish.
If you did not know, the Lip Luster finish is shimmery, the Lip Tint finish is a soft sheen with no shimmer, and the Matte finish is a flat finish with no sheen so that it would look natural. All of these have a peppermint scent to it.
Escape: Shimmery light pink
Enchanted: Light mauve
Exposed: Matte nude rose pink
Sweet: Shimmery bright pink
Elite: Rose pink
After having it on for about fifteen minutes, I wiped these off with a dry tissue. You can see a slight tint from these. The most noticeable ones are Enchanted, Exposed, and Elite.

I will do individual reviews on each of them and have lip pictures for them as well. From the swatches, it seems like the colors are very similar to one another since they are just different shades of pink. Honestly, I thought Enchanted would be the darkest one, but it wasn't. However, Enchanted left a stain that is more noticeable than the rest of them. If you are interested in the set, I feel like this is a good value since it is 5 full-sized lip tints/lusters for $34, when they retail for $24 EACH. These will also make good presents since you can just split them up. Are you interested in this set?


  1. This is definitely #1 on my to-buy list with all of the fall/holiday makeup collections coming out. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    1. With the F&F sale coming up, it makes this even more worth it! I just couldn't wait though! lol