Friday, November 2, 2012

Inglot Eyeshadow: 372

Swatches & Review

Over the summer, I purchased some Inglot eyeshadows with their Freedom System. Their Freedom System is when you basically pick out all your colors individually and buy their palette, which is magnetized to put it in. You don't have to buy their palette if you have other palettes, but I prefer their palette.
372 is a matte teal-blue. It kind of reminds me of a robin blue. It leans more blue, but you can also kind of see some slight green in it.
For the left swatch, I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion and I did not use any primer for the right swatch. As you can see, using a primer under it definitely brings the color out a lot more. For a matte, this was not chalky and it is not hard to blend. When I used it for the first time, it felt kind of hard, but after a few uses, the eyeshadow itself seems a lot smoother? It also packs a lot of color onto the brush so you do not have to swipe your brushes a few times to pick up the color, so it is very pigmented.

Overall, I like this shade & I do not have anything like this in my stash. I have been into mattes a lot more recently so this is one of the shades I have been using almost weekly, along with Urban Decay's Secret Service. I only have three Inglot eyeshadows and I have a 10-pan palette so I am looking forward to fill it up more! & I am also interested in trying some of their blushes as well :)

Have you tried any Inglot products? What do you like & what do you not like about it?

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