Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sephora VIB Weekend & Urban Decay

November 8 - 12

Remember I talked about VIB weekend being in November last month (here)? It is this Thursday! So if you are a VIB, get ready to stock up on items you want & gifts!
I got this from Sephora's e-mail
If you are not a VIB, but know a friend who is, you can definitely ask to see if they have one for you because each VIB has a card to give to one of their friends to use (with a one-time use code). However, the code for VIBs are universal and can be used multiple times within the 5 days, which is CELEBRATE

On another note, Urban Decay is offering free shipping over $25 today only. The code is VOTE. I have also noticed that they have put their deluxe eye-shadows on sale, as well as putting some shades back in stock for their lipsticks!
Image from Urbandecay.com

Is there anything that interests you on Sephora or Urban Decay? :)


  1. I'm so sad about this! I'm not a VIB and I don't have VIB friends. I hate that I can't get a discount because I was some dollars short of VIB status. I really wanted to do holiday shopping at Sephora because it has almost all of the brands that are on my wishlist.

    1. Aw D: Sephora might have a deal for BI's in December though? They usually do (which is the giftcard deal) so lets hope they do that this year too! :)