Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Disney Cinderella Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set

Swatches & Review

When the Disney collaboration with Cinderella came out, I was super excited for it because Cinderella is one of my favorite princess movies (okay, almost all of them are). Out of the items that were released, the set I wanted to most was the Moonlit Kiss lipstick set. The Moonlit Kiss set comes with four lipsticks with each being 0.13 oz, which is pretty much the standard for full-sized lipsticks.
The packaging of these lipsticks have etch marks of leaf designs housed in a velvet case. It is very light considering it is plastic.
Left to Right: Lady Tremaine, Pumpkin, Who is She?, and My Moment
Lady Tremaine: Berry Pumpkin: Light Peach Who is She?: Rosy Mauve My Moment: Champagne Glitter
Outdoor: All of these look glossy when it is outdoor.

If you can tell by my swatches, these apply very patchy. Just swatching them on my arm, they were tugging my skin so when I applied it to my lips, they were tugging a bit as well. I absolutely hated the smell of these! These lipsticks smelled like the old lipsticks that my aunt used to have. It has that fake plastic-y smell and I hate it. Although the packaging is pretty, the cap does not stay closed on the lipsticks. When I tested them out by putting it in my purse for a day, the cap for the lipstick came off and when I tried to drop it from 3-feet above carpet, the cap fell off it super easily. I usually never have that problem with other lipsticks. Since it is plastic, the tube scratches very easily as well.

Overall, I was quite disappointed with this collection. Normally, I do not mind Sephora brand items. I own a few Sephora lipsticks and some are the smoothest lipsticks that I have ever applied, but these were terrible with a bad scent! Yes, it is a good value considering you get four full-sized lipsticks for about $6.25 each. They tug, are patchy, and does not last on my lips through a meal! Almost all (besides Lady Tremaine) wipes off completely without any stain. I was excited for this set, but it was definitely a let down. I don't know if I should keep this, or return this since three of the four shades are too light for my anyway. If you do not mind it applying somewhat sheer with some tugging and the scent, then this may be a good purchase, but with everything that I did not like from this set, I definitely do not recommend this.

What do you think about this set? Do you have it? Have you purchased anything else from the Disney Cinderella collection?


  1. ahhh well... my sister purchased this for me yesterday for my christmas present and i am still excited about them. it's too bad they tug so much though! i think i might get the mirror compact too!

    1. Maybe using a lip balm underneath it would make it tug less? But I'm not a fan of using lip balm under lipsticks because it makes the lipstick very sheer on the lips. I like the packaging though! & I like the mirror compact, but my boyfriend is like $20?! Who spends $20 on a mirror? lol & then he was going to buy me it, but I said never-mind because I probably wouldn't want to use it anyway.

    2. hahah that's exactly my thoughts too!! i used to use the mirror on my powder to check on my makeup throughout the day but after i finished the powder, i stopped carrying a mirror and i've survived... so part of me is like, i don't really need one and $20+ dollars (CDN! haha) for something i don't really need... doesn't make sense! and then the other part is like "but OMGAWD they keep selling out! it must be super awesome AND it's limited edition"... haha not sensible either but i cant help feeling that way!

    3. I know what you mean, haha. I make so many impulse buys because an item keeps selling out & once I see it in stock, I just grab and buy, but I normally feel bad after. I did the same exact thing with Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland BOS, so I ended up selling it to a friend. Going to resist the mirror =x

  2. Too bad they're terrible. I was interested in the eyeshadow palette or the mirror compact. x

    1. I have the eyeshadow palette my boyfriend bought me from the VIB sale! I don't want to touch it yet because it looks so nice! haha.