Friday, November 9, 2012

China Glaze Whirled Away

Swatches & Review

The second color from China Glaze's Cirque du Soleil collection that I purchased is Whirled Away. Whirled Away consists of black and white glitter in a clear base.
Pointer: Clear/Whirled Away alone
Middle: OPI Come to Poppy
Ring: Stranger Tides
Pinky: Zoya Creamy
All of these were taken with one coat of Whirled Away.
One coat of Whirled Away on the left and two coats on the right.
As you can see, a majority of the glitter that are on my nails are the black glitters, both small glitters and bar glitters. With two coats, there's still a lot more black and very few of the white glitters. The white glitters are bigger than the black ones in size.
Both of the images above are with two coats of Whirled Away.
If you look at my middle finger, the glitter looks like eyes!! lol.

Overall, this was okay. I think it was a hassle to get the white glitter because it seems like there is definitly more black glitter in the bottle. Most of the time, I had to dab on the white glitter. I wish the white glitter was easier to apply and I wish there was white bar glitter as well. I feel like the white glitter is very big so if it is not in the middle of the nail, the white glitter is just hanging off the side of the nail because it does not fold down and it stays straight. It is pretty annoying since I keep feeling the white glitter on the side of my nails because it is just sticking out.

What do you think of Whirled Away? & what colors are you thinking about getting from this collection? :)


  1. Lovely blog <3
    Check out mine sometime if you want :))

  2. I actually really like the combination of this, but I feel like I would have personally wanted more glitter myself. Maybe it's a good polish to become a Frankenpolish and you can add your own after?? Thanks for the swatches, can't wait for my own to get here!

    1. I don't like how it looks like googly eyes from the bottle.. lol!

    2. check out lynnderella - connect the dots.
      the original of this design!

  3. I still like it, despite the googly eyes. Yes, you end up having to fish out the white glitters, but I think it's a great option for those who never got any of the indies. I plan to layer it with or add a bit of my OPI Pirouette My Whistle for extra white glitter goodness.

    1. I have Nubar's Black Polka dot & White Polka dot & I was thinking about layering White Polka Dot over it! lol. Pretty similar to Pirouette My Whistle :)

  4. The mix of the black and white isn't my favorite and I personally prefer Sticks 'n Stones (which I actually have on now), but agree that it's nice to see a reasonably priced dupe that you won't have to kill people to get your hands on.

    1. Yeah, I think Sticks 'n Stones looks better, but I don't have it so this will have to do D: It is reasonably priced considering you can get it on head2toebeauty for $3.25. I wish there were white bar glitters..

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  6. I just applied two coats of this. It needs more glitter in general, but definitely more white.