Saturday, November 24, 2012

Urban Outfitters Pink Holo

Swatches & Review

When I first heard that Urban Outfitters came out with holos, I had to go find them. I went to the closet Urban Outfitters to me and found all three of the holographic nail polishes they had, which are Pink Holo, Green Holo, and Silver Holo. Unlike the rest of their nail polish line, these are $10 each and do not qualify for the 2 for $8 deal. However, I heard some people were able to get away with getting the deal. Since they were $10 each, I only got the Pink Holo.
When indoors, you can already see the holographic finish of these nail polishes.
It is even more amazing when you compare it from indoors and outdoors.
Look at all that holographic gooodness. I drool..
For my pinky, I used a regular clear base coat.
Ring and Pointer, I used Nfu-Oh's Aqua Base
For my middle finger, I used no base coat.

If you can see, the base coat does not matter for these, which is a total plus. Applying these were easy and only required two coats. You could use just a regular base coat and these will not drag, or get patchy, which I love! I used two thin coats so it dried quickly. Although this is called "pink holo," I find these to be more of a light pink-ish lavender color.

Are these worth $10? YES YES YES! I purchased my Layla Holographic Finish nail polishes for about $12 and they are a pain to apply, not to mention, they are TINY! These Urban Outfitters nail polish are regular sized nail polishes are 0.5 oz and they apply so easily. The holographic finish on these are so strong that you can see if when you are indoors. If you love holographics, I definitely recommend these! I wish I bought another color, but I love this!

What do you think about Urban Outfitters Holographic nail polishes?


  1. It definitely seems like they are worth the price, the holo effect is so strong! Lovely pics, also. :)

  2. i totally picked one up when i was at Urban Outfitters yesterday in the very same color! except by then i had already spent too much on Black Friday so i had to refrain myself...
    gahhhh but i love this color so much i just might cave soon :)

    1. If you love holo's or you do not have a lot, this is definitely a good choice! :) The holographic effect is so strong, I love love love! lol. How much is it in Canada?

    2. ahaha i actually only have one holo - a silver one. but i did order a pink one today from cyber monday sales... haha
      the UO holos are $12 here

    3. Ohh what holo is it? I think the UO ones are good since you do not have a lot. Better than Layla holograms! $12 is not by much since it's $10 here :P

  3. They look amazing! :)

  4. Gorgeous! I heard about these, but there is no Urban Outfitters near me. :(

    1. They have them online! It keeps coming in and out of stock though.

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    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

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  7. Oh wow, this looks amazing! I've got a really similar one but it's pink (I bought it in Brazil) and I can't stop looking at it whenever I'm wearing it!
    Mel x