Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lorac Sweet Luxuries Palette

Swatches & Review

Lorac's Sweet Luxuries palette was part of Ulta's Black Friday promotion. Although it was listed on the AD as a "2-day" sale, it was also a doorbuster, which totally contradicts each other. I waited outside Ulta for about an hour and purchased this and Tarte's Balanced and Beautiful set. I do not think they should have listed Lorac as a 2-day sale since the store only had 10 in stock. I wanted Urban Decay's $9 deal with the All-Nighter and Primer, but the store did not even have it in stock, which was upsetting since I called in on Wednesday and they told me they had everything in stock. Anyway, the Sweet Luxuries palette has five neutral eyeshadows. Three of them has a matte finish and two has a metallic finish.
Each of these eyeshadow are 0.05oz, which is a full-sized Urban Decay eyeshadow.
These eyeshadows do not have names on them so I will go from left to right.
1) Matte Beige: this was chalky and required a few swipes to show up on my skin. It is very sheer so you should pat this on.
2) Metallic Light Bronze: This was pigmented and soft. Has a bit of fallout.
3) Matte Light Brown w/ Shimmer: This was softer and a bit more pigmented than the Matte Beige, but was still a bit chalky and it has fall out. It has a bit of shimmer in it, but is is not noticeable once swatched.
4) Metallic Bronze: This is warmer than the Light Bronze, and is pigmented like the Light Bronze.
5) Matte Dark Brown: This, like the other two matte shades are a bit chalky and has fallout, but it is the most pigmented matte shade of the other two.
All of these were swatched over Lorac's Behind the Scenes Primer

This is a nice small little palette to carry around, which is convenient, but if you have a bunch of neutrals, this probably is not a "must-have." I purchased this on impulse since I was second in line and there was only 10 and the person in front of me grabbed about 3. For the price of $12, this is not a bad palette. I wish the mattes were a bit more pigmented, but they are build-able in color, but overall, it was good for the price. I like how none of these are glittery because I do not like glittery shades. Now, I have even more neutrals in my collection since I just ordered the Nude'Tude and I have both of Urban Decay's NAKED palettes.

What do you think about neutrals? Do you have a lot of them? Did you get anything from Ulta for Black Friday? :)


  1. I am so jealous! I really wanted the palette and for 12$ its an unbeatable price. I was thinking of using as my travel palette so I don't have to lug singles or a chunky big palette as well. AND YES I love neutrals! I have both Naked Palettes as well and a build you own 4 pan with neutrals too. I am considering purchasing the Nude Tude or the new Naked Basics palette from UD.

    1. I just got the Nude'Tude after resisting it for so long! Lol. The price point on this was very good though.