Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Urban Decay Lip Love Lip Therapy: Stung

Swatches & Review

Urban Decay's Lip Love Lip Therapy is supposed to be a moisturizing lip tint. From the tube, Stung looks like it will be a dark berry shade, but it is definitely not as dark when it is applied to the lips.
When you first squeeze the lip tint out of the tube, it is a gorgeous berry color, but when it is sheered out, the color is not as noticeable.
With the first layer blended out, the tint is not really noticeable. It looks like a clear gloss on my lips, but it builds up a bit with two layers. When applying the third layer, it seems like it would be darker, but after blending it out, it just becomes a tiny bit darker.

Overall, I thought this was okay. I purchased Stung because I thought the tint would be a bit darker like how it is in the tube, but it is not. It is supposed to smell like honey, but it smells more of a floral scent to me and I do not really like the scent, but it tastes a bit sweet on the lips, which I do not mind. This is supposed to make your lips feel softer, but I felt like this was a bit drying after it starts to fade off, and it does not last too long. However, it is not sticky, it feels slippery on the lips like Benefit's Ultra Plush Glosses do. I do not recommend using more than two layers on the lips like how I tried on a third layer because it feels heavy on the lips and the scent is very strong with three layers, but I tested it out to see how the tint looks. This would be nice if the tint was a bit darker and the scent was less strong. This is currently on sale on for $4. If it was not on sale I would not have purchased this, but I think this would work as a gloss to layer on top of lipstick shades.

What do you think about Urban Decay's Lip Love Lip Therapy? Have you tried it?


  1. I picked this up with my Basics palette. I'm hoping that I like it. I'm a gloss fiend.

    1. This isn't much of a gloss, but more like a moisturizer for lips? It's kind of oily, so it's pretty slippery on the lips.

  2. I bought the same one on sale in October on their website. I love the color, but the formula is strange. It doesn't do anything to prevent chapped lips, and I agree it does seem to make my lips feel dry which is a very odd thing for a lip gloss to do. I love UD eye shadows, but I think their lip products are only worthwhile when bought on clearance sale for $3-$4.