Saturday, February 2, 2013

Urban Decay: Theodora Palette

Swatches & Review

The two newest palettes released from Urban Decay is based on the new upcoming movie, Oz the Great and Powerful. The two palettes are Theodora and Glinda. Out of the two palettes, I only purchased one since I see myself using the colors in Theodora more.
The two palettes are in Urban Decay's Build Your Own palettes, but for the movie, they have limited edition designs on them.
Each palette consists of 6 full-sized Urban Decay eyeshadows, four of them being single shadows and two being duo-shadows & a travel-sized eyeliner. A lip color is also included in the box, but there is not a slot for it in the palette itself.
The first row consists of three single shades:
Broken: Frosty soft pale beige. The color payoff of this was good. It applied smooth & pigmented.
Beware: Matte medium brown. Swatched, the brown looks very soft. It applied smooth & pigmented.
Bewitch: Slightly frosted dark brown. It applied smooth & pigmented.
The second row consists of one single shade & two duo-shades:
West: Metallic burgundy brown. This looks kind of similar to Bewitch, but this is definitely more red then Bewitch is. It applied smooth & pigmented.
Spell: This eyeshadow has the duo-shades exclusive to the Oz palettes. Half of it is a metallic yellow gold & the other half is like a blackened brown. Both of them have glitter in it and the glitter has slight fall-out. I found these shades to be a bit on the rough side and did not apply as smoothly as the other eyeshadows.
Jealous: This is also a duo-shade, both being green. Half is a pastel green & the other half is a darker green. Both of these have a frosty finish & they applied smoothly.

Overall, I really like how pigmented most of these eyeshadows are (which is all except Spell). The duo-eyeshadows are a good concept because instead of getting 6 shades in a 6-pan build your own palette, you are getting 8 shades! The Theodora palette is more on the neutral side, while the Glinda palette is more on the pastel/light shades side. I still really wish Urban Decay came out with more fun shades since they have been coming out with a lot of neutral shades lately, but the pigmentation on these were fantastic! The design on the palette is nice, but the palette itself is kind of flimsy. It is a bit hard to close the palette because the holes do not align straight with the closure buttons (I don't know what they're called) on the top of the palette, so when closed, it looks kind of crooked. The value on this is amazing! Each eyeshadow itself retails for $18, the palette itself is $18 and the lip pencil is $19, so six full-sized eyeshadows, a travel-sized pencil & a lip pencil for $49 is not bad at all.

You can buy this from, Sephora (in-store & online), Ulta (in-store & online), & select Macy's (in-store).

What do you think about these palettes? Do you think you are going to buy these limited edition palettes? Are you Theodora, or are you Glinda? (or maybe both!)


  1. Sooo pretty! I want the Glinda one...but I can't really justify buying more shadows at this time. Sigh...

    1. This was more of an impulse buy for me. I don't really need it, but it's limited edition so I chose one. I like the packaging for Glinda, but the colors aren't ones I really like. The pigmentation for both is amazing, but you don't really need it :)

    2. same deal here! i really shouldnt buy anymore eyeshadows... but if i were to (and i am a sucker for limited editions), i'd get this one too!

    3. Yup.. the limited edition suckered me into getting at least one!

  2. I got them both, but only used Glinda so far and it is perfect with my light skintone. I've done two different eye looks with Glinda so far and love them both. It is workday appropriate, I like the mysterious smoky colors in Theodora too though so I brought it home and I love the green shadow! I really love that these are full sized shadow pots that usually retail for $18 each so it's a steal for what you get. The lip pencil is a bonus and I am really liking it and I do hope that I will be able to buy replacements when I have used this all up. I splurged last week but this is is for a while as I am on a no-buy for now. The cases are metal and reusable!!! How nice. I am very very happy with my splurge and so glad I did it and the palettes are perfect for me.

  3. I reallly want this palette <3 and Glinda's palette as well.
    It's one of the best releases from Urban Decay.

  4. Omg I need this palette. It's so freaking cute, and the colors are so pigmented and pretty!