Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids: Brazen Berry

Swatches & Review

Yesterday, I reviewed Hot Plum from Maybelline's new Color Sensational Vivids LipColor line. Today, I will be reviewing Brazen Berry, which is the second shade that I purchased from the collection.
Looking at the lipstick. Brazen Berry looks like a bright purple.
There were a bit of air bubbles on the Brazen Berry lipstick. I wonder if it is normal because when I was buying it, I opened one before this & that had two HUGE air bubbles on it. It looked like a mice took two small nibbles off the lipstick, which was kind of weird.
For the first lip picture, I took it in direct sunlight. The other two were taken indoor, with the middle one being in front of the window.

Looking at the lipstick from the tube, it definitely looks a bit more purple, but when applied to the lips, it is more of a pink-purple. When compared to Hot Plum (from my last review), Brazen Berry looks a lot cooler than it. In direct sunlight, it looks more like a lavender-pink, but while indoors, it looks more purple than it does pink, so like Hot Plum, I guess it depends on where you are wearing the lipstick because the shades look quite different. For me, Brazen Berry was a lot more moisturizing for me than Hot Plum was.

Overall, I like how pigmented these are. For my swatches I used one layer & it was already enough. After swatching it on my arm, it left a stain. The swatch I did for Hot Plum yesterday is still stained on my arms (after THREE showers). However, the stain on the lips is very subtle, so it is easier to remove with makeup/lipstick remover. The downside was that I imagined this to be more purple, but this does not look bad either since it actually reminds me of a neon purple. This also had an orange cap (all of the Vivids do), which I am not too big on, and like Hot Plum, I hate that there is no safety seal at all! Other than that, I am thinking about picking up a few more shades since I only bought these two & I really like them a lot.

I purchased mine at Target for $5.21 (regularly $5.49). Walmart has them for $5.49 and Ulta, CVS, & Rite Aid has them for $7.49 - $9.99.

What do you think about Brazen Berry? What Maybelline lipstick would you recommend me (from any Maybelline lipstick line)?
Yes, I really like it ♥ haha!


  1. Awesome review! I might have to pick this up, I've been thinking about snagging a purple-ish lippie. Love your swatch photo collages by the way; the lips in different lighting situations are so great!!

    1. This is purple-ish, so it's not full on purple so if you're looking for that, it's perfect! & thanks! I'm just glad I had enough sunlight outside to do that since it's been cloudy all day (with sun here and there for 10 minutes each time it appears) & I'm glad it helps! :)

  2. I'm so glad you picked it up, glad Brazen Berry is getting some love ! I love this shade :) I wear it with gold eyeshadow and it looks divine. Lovely post!

    1. I love it! It seems Brazen Berry is a hot seller 'cause many locations sold out of it. I'm not too big on gold eyeshadow, but I love it with a simple winged liner :)