Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stila: In The Know

Swatches & Review

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend gave me Stila's In The Know palette as a gift. Since I have been using matte eyeshadows a lot lately, this was perfect since this palette has all matte finish shades.
This is packaged in cardboard with a magnetic closure.
There is a quote on the top of the mirror. I find it true, haha!
There is 10 eyeshadows in the palettes & they are all matte!
The top row has more lighter shades:
Air: Matte cream
Wind: Matte beige (This looks kind of similar to Air on me)
Desert: Peachy matte
Clay: Matte light-brown
Earth: Matte chocolate brown
The bottom row has darker colors & it complements the top row nicely:
Driftwood: Matte dark brown
Fire: Matte red-orange
Rain: Matte taupe
Smoke: Matte light grey
Ebony: Matte black

Out of all ten shades, I found that nine of the shades were very smooth and pigmented. The only one I had problems with was Ebony, which is the matte black. It was kind of rough and did not apply smoothly like the other ones did. The standout shade for me is definitely Fire. Fire is a gorgeous red-orange shade and it really stands out from all the other colors in the palette, which is more on the neutral side. Compared to Urban Decay's NAKED Basics, I feel like the top row of In The Know is similar (minus the last color). Stila's In The Know was released before the Naked Basics, so if you have this already, you probably don't need the Naked Basics.

This is the first time for me to try Stila eyeshadows and I really like these. They are smooth and pigmented. Some had a bit of fall-out, but it was not much. I like how it is all matte, which is what a lot of people are also interested in. This retails for $39 and is sold at Sephora (In-store & Online) & Ulta.

What do you think about Stila products? Which is your favorite?


  1. such pretty swatches! I absolutely love matte colours, they're so much more practical for every day!

    1. Thanks! I love mattes too, but once summer comes, I think I would use it with a lot of shimmery shadows :P

  2. Why aren't there more matte palettes lol? This looks lovely. I am a fan of Stila eyeshadows (except for their $10 budget palettes).

    1. Seriously! lol. I wish there were more matte palettes & that are not all neutrals. I would love to see some matte brights (like Sugarpill). This was my first Stila palette & I like it! I want to try their new lippies. :)

  3. I've never tried Stila, but I do like that red orange brick color.

    1. This is my first & I see myself buying more! :)

  4. Fire and Clay are stunning colors xx

  5. yay for mattes! i am just getting into them and this looks like a pretty palette

    1. Yes! You should check it out @ Sephora if you have the chance to :)

  6. I am in love with the colors in this palette. It looks really nice!