Saturday, February 16, 2013

Color Club: Over The Moon

Swatches & Review

Color Club's Over The Moon is part of their 2013 release of Halo Hues. For Fall 2012, they released six soft Halo Hues shades. For Spring 2013, the Halo Hues have colors that are more brighter than the first release. I decided on getting the Halo Hues for a while now & since the 2013 ones were released early, I decided to buy the whole set.

Over The Moon is a medium blue with a stone holographic finish.
For my swatches, I tried Over The Moon over bare nails, regular clear base coat & Nfu-Oh's Aqua Base.
With the first coat, you can see it applied best with Aqua Base underneath the nail polish. Without any base also applied nicely, but the holographic effect is not as strong with one coat compared to it with the Aqua Base. With clear base coat, there was dragging and bald spots from the nail polish.
With two coats, the ones painted over the Aqua Base & bare nails applied smoothly. The one with a clear base underneath also had some dragging.

With three coats, they all look the same. These are pictured without any top coat. You can see the one used with the clear base coat has a tiny bald spot on it. The texture with that one also does not feel as smooth as when I used the nail polish over the Aqua Base & bare nails.
These are pictured with top coat. When I first applied the top coat, the holographic finish was kind of dull, but after it fully-dried, the holographic effect is still strong like before putting on the top coat. You can tell that the holographic finish of this is strong since you can see it while indoor, but outdoors is definitely when it is best!
Using thin layers, these dry fast. Like other holographic finish nail polishes, these will show your nail lines & all imperfections on the nails without any base on it, so using an Aqua Base would be good. If you do not have any Aqua Base, you can definitely paint it over bare nails, but using a top coat on top of the nail polish would definitely help with streaks of your nail (if you have a lot). I would not recommend using these on top of a regular clear base coat because it drags & creates bald spots on the nail.

Overall, I really like this nail polish. This is the first Halo Hue that I have tried from Color Club and I am in love! I can not wait to try the others. At first, I thought this would remind me of one of my Layla Holographic in color, but after three coats it came out being more of a medium-blue than a light-blue. The holographic finish on this is strong & it does not disappoint. These retail for $10 each, but I purchased mine as a set on for $40, which is not bad at all considering it comes out to about $6.70 each.

What do you think about Color Club's Halo Hues? Do you own any? What is your favorite brand for holographic finish nail polishes?


  1. What a pretty blue *O*
    I loved that nail polish!

    1. It is pretty! It's not light or dark, it's perfect :D