Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lorac Pro Palette

Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas & spent it with your loved ones! I have not been posting because I actually went on vacation with my family this past week for Christmas. Anyway, I have been tempted to get the Lorac Pro Palette for a while now. Since it has been sold out at many locations, I decided to just get it when it was back in stock last week when it was in stock. Since I went shopping with my boyfriend, he purchased this for me.
The Lorac Pro palette is a neutral palette. I already own a lot of neutral palettes (All of Urban Decay's NAKED palettes, theBalm Nude'tude, etc..), but I had to get this because it has a good combination of mattes and shimmers.
This palette consists of 16 shades. Half of the shades are matte, and half are shimmery.
The top row is all matte shades.
White: Matte white. To me, this was not really matte, but it kind of has a semi-satin finish. This was kind of powdery & does not show up well on my skin.
Cream: Matte cream. Similar to White, but it shows up on my skin better than White. It is powdery, but more pigmented than White.
Taupe: Matte taupe. This was very smooth and pigmented.
Light Pink: Matte light pink. Doesn't show up on my skin much, but it was very smooth.
Mauve: Matte light brown. This does not look very "mauve" to me, but this was very smooth and pigmented.
Sable: Matte medium brown. This was very smooth and pigmented.
Espresso: Matte dark brown. This was very smooth and pigmented.
Black: Matte black. This was smooth, but it was not very pigmented. It took about three swipes to show up in my swatches.
The bottom row all has a shimmery finish.
Nude: Shimmery cream. This was very smooth and pigmented.
Champagne: Shimmery champagne. This was very smooth and pigmented. Has slight fallout.
Gold: Shimmery gold. This was very smooth and pigmented.
Light Bronze: Shimmery light bronze. This was similar to champagne, and did not show much bronze in the swatch. Applied smoothly.
Pewter: Shimmery medium brown. This was very smooth and pigmented.
Garnet: Shimmery red-brown. This was very smooth and pigmented.
Deep Purple: Shimmery dark eggplant purple. This looks more of a dark brown with slight hints of purple to me. This was very smooth and pigmented, though it has some fallout.
Slate: Shimmery grey. This has slight fallout, but was smooth and pigmented.

Overall, I like how this palette has an even amount of mattes to shimmers. The shimmery finish eyeshadows are very pigmented and gave me no problems at all, however, I have mixed feelings with the matte finished shades. Some of the shades are not as pigmented, but they are definitely buildable. Some of the matte shades are also a bit powdery, but tapping the brush before applying may help with the fallout from the powdery shadows. Although some did not swatch that well on my arms, such as White, it applied better on the eyes. If you already have a lot of neutrals, this is definitely not needed, but if you like to hoard neutral palettes like I do, this will be a good choice!

What do you think about Lorac's Pro Palette? Do you have it? What is your favorite Lorac product?


  1. I really want to try this! I'm a big fan of palettes that have equal amounts of mattes and shimmers, more versatility. xoxo

    1. It's nice! Do you already have other neutral palettes though? If you do, this can be a nice pick after you're done with others :)

  2. The color slate will always be one of my favorite shadow colors. Love it!!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  3. I have never tried the Lorac brand before, but this sounds great!

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