Tuesday, December 18, 2012

theBalm: Balm Jovi Face Palette

Swatches & Review

When theBalm was on Hautelook on Thanksgiving, I purchased two items. One was the Nude'Tude palette, which I have reviewed (here) & the other was their Holiday Balm Jovi face palette. The packaging on it was so cute, I had to get it.
The Balm Jovi palette includes twelve eyeshadows, one highlighter, one blush, and two lip colors. The colors are divided into three music genre's: Heavy Metal, Classical, & Alternative.
The first genre is Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal consists shades that have a frosty finish to it.

Metal-ica: Frosty white. Kind of powdery & applied sheer.
Iron Maid-in: Metallic gold. Like Metal-ica, it applied sheer, but it is build-able.
Lead Zeppelin: Dark olive green with gold glitter. Kind of dry.
Alice Copper: Frosty burgundy-red. Really smooth and pigmented.
The next genre is Classical. In this genre, all the shades have a matte finish.

Adagio: Matte pale beige. Very soft and not powdery. Had a little bit of fallout, but the color payoff was good.
Allegro: Matte medium brown. It's soft, but it applied patchy on the first swipe. The color builds into a gorgeous brown.
Moderato: Matte eggplant purple. Kind of dry & applied patchy.
Presto: Matte dark brown. Kind of dry and hard to apply & blend.
The last genre is Alternative. It has one matte shade while all the others are shimmery/frosty.

Blink 1982: Shimmery plum-bronze. Was very soft and pigmented.
The Stroke: Matte dark navy blue. It was soft and pigmented.
rem: Shimmery golden-purple. Was kind of patchy, but buildable.
Third Eye Blinded: Frosty light peach. The texture was soft and easy to blend.
Solid Gold: Shimmery highlighter.
Don't You Want Me?: Matte pink blush.
Solid Gold: Frosty champagne. It is supposed to be their Mary-Lou Manizer. When compared to the full-sized, it seems that Solid Gold in the palette is not as smooth as the individual Mary Lou-Manizer.
Don't You Want Me?: Matte pink blush. This is smooth and is easily blend-able. It is supposed to be theBalm's FratBoy blush, but when compared to FratBoy, FratBoy seems more of a peachy-pink while Don't You Want Me? is more of a bubblegum pink. The texture on it is really good.

Overall, this is a good palette. There were a few shades that were not as smooth and as easily blend-able as others, but they are workable. My favorite shades from this is Alice Copper, Adagio, Allegro & Blink 1982 because they were the smoothest and the easiest to work with. I wish they included another blush in there instead of FratBoy though. FratBoy is my go-to blush, but I already have too full-sized versions of it, but I guess it is okay since it is a bit pinker? I really hope that theBalm will come out with a matte dusty-mauve blush someday because their blushes are really nice. I like how there is a variety of matte and shimmery/frosty shades in this palette because I like to mix and match finishes when I use them. I did not include swatches of the lip shades because I normally do not use them so I do not plan on touching them anytime soon. I really like theBalm's packaging because they also have a separate flap for lip/cream items so that powder will not get into it. This palette retails for $39.50 and can be purchased on thebalm.com, though it appears on Hautelook pretty frequently.

What do you think about this palette? Do you like theBalm cosmetics?


  1. It is so pretty! Definitely on my wishlist. I have not tried anything from thebalm yet, but I am planning to

    1. They are definitely one of my favorite brands because their packaging is so cute & the quality of their items aren't bad as well. You should definitely try it!