Tuesday, December 18, 2012

theBalm: Shady Lady Vol. 2

Swatches & Review

Since my last final was today, I was able to go through some folders of swatches that I still had to review. It's currently around 50 degrees in San Jose right now & my feet/hands are freezing, but I don't like wearing socks so.. :( Anyway, theBalm has three Shady Lady palettes and out of the three, I liked the color choices in Volume 2 the most, though I liked the giraffe print from Volume 3 (Giraffes are my favorite animals). My boyfriend bought me this last Christmas, but I never actually used it until a few weeks ago.
Shady Lady Volume 2 has shades that go from dark, to light. All of them seem to have either a frosty/shimmery or glitter finish.
Caught in the Act Courtney: Dark brown with bronze glitter. This applied patchy.
Feisty Felicia: Dark purple with purple glitter. This also applied patchy and was not as smooth as the others.
Insane Jane: Frosty taupe. This was very smooth and was very pigmented.
Bossy Bobbi: Frosty medium blue. This was very smooth & pigmented.
Makeout Mary: Frosty light green. This was very smooth & pigmented.
Just This Once Jamie: Frosty light purpleish-pink. This was very smooth & pigmented
Mischievous Marissa: Frosty orange. This was very smooth & pigmented.
Tempting Tara: Frosty white. This is like a more pigmented version of Metal-ica, which was in the Balm Jovi palette.
Devilish Danielle: Frosty beige. This was very smooth & pigmented.

Overall, most of the shades in this palette were consistent in texture (all the frosty ones). The two with glitter finishes are a bit dry and kind of hard to apply, but tapping it instead of swiping it would help. I like how all the Shady Lady palettes have names of people who actually work for theBalm cosmetics! The palette itself is small so it is very travel-friendly. This retails for $39.50 and can be purchased from thebalm.com & nordstrom.com.

What do you think about this palette? Do you own the other Shady Lady palettes?


  1. Such a big fan of The Balm! Great post/swatches! :)
    <3 Mel, beautytribune.com

  2. I really like Devillish Danielle and Just This Once Jamie.I need to get some more of thebalm products!

    1. I love Devilish Danielle! Which ones do you already have? :)