Sunday, December 23, 2012

Revlon Girly Nail Polish

Swatches & Review

When I went to purchase Revlon's new Nearly Naked foundation, I also found their new line of nail polishes right next to the foundations. I was super excited when I saw the nail polishes because I have been looking for them as well. Girly is a purple, pink & magenta glitter in a creamy, jelly pink base.
Girly is similar to Whimsical, which is sheer. On the first coat, you can definitely still see the nail line, but it is build-able. Since my nails were already painted, my boyfriend actually let me paint his nails so that I can blog it :)
Middle finger: Three Coats
Ring finger: Two Coats
Pinky: One Coat

The swatches of Girly reminds me of Candy Shop from Claire's, but it has purple, pink & magenta glitter instead of rainbow. This would be a nice nail polish to use as layering.

What do you think about this nail polish? Do you like glitters with sheer jelly bases? (It's a Trap-eze, Whimsical, etc..)
Here is a picture of my amazing boyfriend, who let me swatch Girly on his fingers! It's been raining really hard all day in my area & I heard it's been cold in many places, so stay warm everyone & happy holidays! :)


  1. Ouu very cute colour! I like jelly based
    glitters...but i prefer if the glitters are more opaque :)


    1. I like this color! It's very.. Girly. lol! My boyfriend said, "I think I feel more feminine than I should with this on." haha! Opaque glitters are nice, but it takes too long for me to remove D:

    2. Hahaha your boyfriend is sucha good sport about it! i should get mine to put on gold glitter for the holidays :) xx

    3. Yes! Lol! Did your boyfriend go with it? :)

    4. No, unfortunately not.. I'll try again another time. :P