Saturday, December 8, 2012

theBalm Nude'tude Palette

Swatches & Review

When theBalm released their Nude'tude palette last year, I have been wanting to get it, but I never did because I wanted to use up some of my items first. When theBalm was on Hautelook on Thanksgiving, I caved and my boyfriend bought it for me(after the many times it has been on Hautelook).
The Nude'tude palette comes in two designs, Naughty or Nice. They both have the same colors in them. The palette I chose was Naughty because I love how they used the eyeshadows to cover the women's "nude" parts.
Sassy: Frosty white. Chalky, but buildable.
Snobby: Frosty yellow-gold, applied sheer and was powdery.
Stubborn: Frosty light-peach very soft and pigmented.
Stand-offish: Frosty metallic champagne-bronze, very soft and pigmented.
Selfish: Frosty taupe, very soft and pigmented.
Sultry: Matte medium-brown, very soft and pigmented.
Sophisticated: Shimmery dark brown, very soft and pigmented.
Seductive: Shimmery-pearly golden-bronze.
Sexy: Matte maroon/burgundy. Not as soft as the others, kind of dry.
Silly: Sparkly/glittery red-brown. Had fall out & applied sheerly.
Serious: Matte black. Was kind of dry like Sexy, and applied patchy.
Sleek: Matte dark brown. Soft and pigmented.

This palette has frosty shades, matte, shimmery, and one glittery.
A majority of the colors were very very soft and because it was so soft, there were a bit of fallout, but tapping the brush on your forearm before apply would definitely help with the fallout. I found that swatching from my finger and a sponge-tip applicator did not work too well with these because they apply sheer with those, but they definitely apply better with a brush. I found that the darker shades were drier so the first swipe of those applied sheerer than the rest, but after a few swipes, the colors are intense and left stains on my arm (Sexy, Silly, Serious & Sleek). Overall, this palette is a nice neutral palette. You don't really need it if you already have Urban Decay's NAKED and/or NAKED2, but if you love neutrals, this would be a good addition!

What do you think about the Nude'tude palette? Do you like the design? What is your favorite theBalm item?


  1. I really like the colors in this palette! Not a fan of the packaging though hahaha! I was thinking about trying it but I have the naked palette already :3 ! I agree and I don't think I need both since they're so similar!

    1. The color's are nice, but there's another version of packaging with the same colors as this one! lol.

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    1. Thanks! Yes I do, it's

  3. hahaha i love theBalm's creativity with their packaging. the Naughty version is so cute but i wonder what Nice looks like...

    1. I always love their packaging! It's so adorable, haha! Nice just looks like it's in a room setting, kind of.

  4. Wow, this palette looks so beautiful- and the packaging is so cute! I'm a sucker for neutrals, so this is right up my alley. Thanks for the helpful swatches, and for the nice comment on my blog earlier :)


    1. No problem! Would think of getting this palette? :)