Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Throwback Palette: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II

Swatches & Review

Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Volume II is my all-time favorite palette. It was one of my first few purchases from Urban Decay and the customer service I got from Urban Decay regarding this palette was what made me fall in love with Urban Decay. I remember back in 2009, I ordered this palette online with their current Friends and Family 30% offer, but after I made my order, I received an e-mail notifying me this palette was sold-out and would not be back in stock. I was pretty bummed because it was sold out everywhere! Three weeks after having my cancellation e-mail, I was contacted over the phone by a Urban Decay representative notifying me that the palette was in-stock, but it was very limited so since I have placed an order before, I was able to order it over the phone and they were able to honor 30% off I originally ordered for this palette. The person at that time was super nice and sweet, I wish I remembered his name. Anyway, this palette is no longer sold, but my top three favorite shades from this palette are still sold individually.
Like all the Book of Shadows, this consists of 16 shades. They were all mostly shimmery/metallic. It doesn't look like I used much of it, but believe me, I have used it a lot (I just don't use a lot so I wonder if I'll ever hit pan on anything!)
Perversion: Matte black w/ slight sparkle? This was a permanent shade, but Urban Decay has recently discontinued this and replaced it with Blackout.
Gunmetal: Frosty silver-grey with slight sparkle. This is currently sold individually.
Ecstacy: Medium purple with pink shimmer. This was permanent, but was recently discontinued.
AC/DC: Smoky purple w/ silver sheen. This is currently sold individually.
Nylon: Medium bronze w/ silver glitter. This was exclusive to this set
Sellout: Frosty champagne. This is currently sold individually.
Mushroom: Frosty taupe. This is currently sold individually.
Sphynx: Cotton candy pink with rainbow glitter. This was exclusive to this set.
Half Baked: Metallic light-bronze. This is currently sold individually.
Twice Baked: Satin brown w/ slight gold glitter. This is currently sold individually.
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again: Glittery taupe-champagne. This is currently sold individually.
YDK: Shimmery cool brown-bronze. This is currently sold individually.
Jinx: Bright medium-blue with silver sheen. This was exclusive to this set
Flipside: Turquoise with silver sheen. This was recently discontinued.
Homegrown: Bright green w/ golden sheen. This was exclusive to this set.
Misdemeanor: Dark black-green w/ green glitter. This was exclusive to this set.

It seems that half of the shades in the Book of Shadows 2 are currently shades in Urban Decay's permanent eyeshadow line. The three favorites of mine that are still available individually are AC/DC, Sellout, and Mushroom. Some favorites that are no longer sold is Jinx, Homegrown, and Misdemeanor. All of the shades were very pigmented with the exception of Nylon and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. Both of those had chunky glitters in them, which made them a bit rough, but the color underneath it is gorgeous! It's been three years since I have had this palette, so it might be time for me to retire it soon, but I do not know if I should throw it away, or just keep it for the heck of it. This book of shadows is the only one that does not have pop-ups, but instead, it has a booklet inside with models wearing the color products from this palette.

Overall, I really really love this palette and the amazing customer service I received from Urban Decay with this palette. I wish Urban Decay would make a palette with discontinued shades and call it the "Throwback" or the "Flashback" palette with shades like Misdemeanor, Homegrown, Jinx, and even other shades not from this palette, such as Sting and Heat.

What is your favorite item from Urban Decay? What is your favorite make-up item in general?


  1. This palette is making me want another Urban Decay palette. I used to have the "Wallpaper" palette years ago, like maybe in 2006 or something and I loved it so much.

    1. I wish they still had this palette, but I remember it was so hard to find when it came out. I always see the Wallpaper palette at Nordstrom Rack now because I think they're discontinuing it, they also have the Deluxe Shadow Box for $19 at Nordstrom Rack!

  2. i dont own any UD palettes but this one is indeed gorgeous. so many pretty colors!! i dont wear pinks or blues but i can see this making me want to try!
    that customer service sounds amazing!

  3. love!

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